Red Carpet Ready Evening Gowns in Bold Metallics Are A Designer’s Focus for 2022

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While designer Donna Leah is excited to be showing off her favorite evening gown looks for 2022, she’s even more excited to be doing it in her favorite city of Miami. Although it can often feel like summer all year round there, she loves to pick out some of her favorite colors that embrace each season. In addition to basics like embellished denim jackets, sweaters, and layered looks, evening gowns and chic casual looks are Donna Leah’s passion.  The goal for her namesake brand, Donna Leah Designs, is to inspire those who are always reaching for their favorite black dress and get them to embrace something completely new and exciting.

Marvelous Metallics

A signature look from Donna Leah Designs that has become a staple each season are gold and silver.   Metallics have a unique way of elevating an evening gown and exuding high glamour and confidence.  Being from Miami, it’s the sun that is so inspiring. Changing color from dawn until dusk, it’s the golden hour that brings a sense of awe and one that Donna Leah always wants to replicate. Even with long sleeves or a two-piece set, gold is a go-to color, and it seems that celebrities love it too. 

Dramatic Gowns Go to the Dance floor

The Met Gala is one of the best events to find inspiration for sophisticated gowns for the coming year. It is always mesmerizing to watch the stunning parade of colors and textures.  Of course, we all become critics during these events and have our favorites. What each look has in common is shine, texture, color, and drama.  It wasn’t just for women either as men have come to embrace expressing themselves through fashion too.  One of Donna Leah’s favorite fashion trends, and it’s one that she has embraced with her recent collection, is a dramatic sleeve and long gowns that go all the way to the dance floor.

Loving Red on the Red Carpet

Now that special events and galas seem to be up and running again in full force, it’s time to strike a post in something that’s really smashing. Red is that sizzling color that’s perfect and looks amazing on everyone.  It’s the color that is always on trend and makes a statement never to be forgotten. This hue fits in perfectly with the browns and oranges associated with fall, yet also is exciting for summer and winter too.  Women want to make investment pieces, and this is the color to embrace while doing it!

The truth is, that for evening wear, the best trend is the one that makes you feel confident.  Anything can work for a wedding, night out with friends, a romantic date or gala event if the silhouettes, color, and details work best for your body.  Gowns that are in a new style or design can be a bit intimidating at first. But just try a trend and it might bring out a positive energy inside of you that’s been eager to come out! 

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