The Best Ways For Creative Freelancers To Showcase Their Work

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If you are a freelancer, that means that you make a living out of being able to persuade people to book you for your work. And if what you produce is generally creative-based work, then you are certainly going to need to have a decent way to show off your work to prospective clients. As it happens, there are many methods that you might want to consider for this purpose, and it might actually be easier than you think to do so. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways that you can showcase your work to people.

Publish Case Studies

Case studies work very well as an advertising gambit, because not only do they show off the work that you do – they place that work within the actual framework that you will be in with your clients. If you can show that you did X for Y client, then a new, prospective client is considerably more likely to understand how you can provide them value. This is also an opportunity to show how you work with clients, that you are approachable and friendly and so on. As such, publishing case studies on your website is definitely a top method to consider.

Use An Online Portfolio Maker

There are many online portfolio makers out there that you might want to use too, and they can be very helpful in allowing you to easily collate the very best of your work – in such a way that you can give someone a single link to the best work that you have. It’s a simple, and easy, way to show off, and it is secure too – especially if you set a password for viewing, which is usually simple enough to do. An online portfolio is usually a really beneficial thing to have for any creative freelancer.

Build On A Networking Platform

An up-to-the-minute alternative to the portfolio maker idea is to use a networking platform to help bring together all of the people you might hope to be your clients. There are a few options of this kind out there to look into, but one in particular that you might want to check out is Linq. If you can build a Linq page, you are soon going to have an easy link that you can send people to not just view your work, but also book with you in the same place, and they don’t even have to have the same app themselves.

Ask Previous Clients To Write Testimonials

Testimonials are a hugely valuable and powerful tool for creative freelancers. It gives you the chance to show people exactly what others think of your work, and there are few better ways of displaying your value than doing this. Make sure to ask a satisfied client to write you a testimonial or two – and then write a page of these that you can direct people to as well, complete with sources so you can easily link them. This is going to help you along very well in your career.

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