Things You Can Do To Make Life Easier For Your Elderly Parents

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Over the course of their lives, most people take pride in maintaining independence. Eventually, however, elders will lose that ability. This is an inevitable part of the aging process. The best thing that you can do to help your elderly parents maintain their dignity and quality of life is to be proactive in their care. Here is how you can do that.

1. Help them by installing them a stairlift

The most common complaint that elderly parents have is the need to travel up and down stairs. If they live in a multi-story home, this can be especially difficult. However, you can make life easier for them by helping them install a stairlift. A stairlift allows them to continue living safely in their own home without having to wait on others for help moving up and down the stairs. Furthermore, many older adults are stubborn about accepting assistance from anyone who might offer it.  This will likely mean an accident or injury that leaves your parents reliant upon outside assistance to move around their home safely again. If you live in Birmingham you can search for stairlifts in Coventry or somewhere closer to your area. Professionals will work with you to find the right stairlift for your parents’ needs and this will make life much easier for them.

2. Find a home care provider and schedule regular visits

Oftentimes, elderly parents can continue to care for themselves by having regular visits from a home care provider. A home care provider performs various tasks that help keep your elderly parents comfortable and healthy. You can schedule their services to take place on the same days so that they become part of the routine for your parents. Additionally, you need not worry about whether they are receiving proper care because you can always check up on them during their visit. A home care provider is there to make life easier for your elderly parents, so you should not hesitate to have one come into their home. There are also nurses and nurses assistants that can visit your elderly parents and help with their medications and health needs. You can check their reviews and references before you hire them, and you can also check online for more help.

3. Budget for technology advancements

As seniors age, they will likely begin to lose their ability to easily access computers and other technology. If they need to write checks or pay bills online, you can make life easier for them by arranging this for them automatically through computer services. This way, your parents do not have to worry about forgetting dates when they must make payments each month. Additionally, most banks and financial institutions offer a directory that is easy to use on the Internet so that older adults do not have a difficult time navigating it. Also consider getting your parents an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device if they are having trouble with smartphones/computers. These devices allow them to use voice commands instead of typing in information which might be difficult with hands that no longer work.

4. Get medical equipment delivered

Oftentimes your elderly parents might benefit from having certain medical equipment delivered right to their home. Their bodies may not be what they once were and this can make a piece of medical equipment difficult for them to use if it is too bulky or heavy. This is especially true of wheelchairs, walkers and other items that might have been easy to use when they were younger. It is important to hire someone who will deliver the equipment to your parent’s home so that it does not cause any harm in transit. The person who delivers the item should also be able to show your parents how to operate the item correctly so that it does not cause additional injuries or health complications either.

5. Set up a phone line for your parent

An additional phone line can make life easier for your elderly parents, and you can set it up at no additional cost to them. Most phone companies will allow seniors to add another line at no cost so that they do not have to worry about paying a lot of money when they need this service in their home. If it is difficult for your parents to use the main phone in the house, this extra line is ideal because they can simply carry one device around with them instead of having to go back and forth from room-to-room when they are trying to reach someone on the phone. 

As your elderly parents age, it can become harder for them to do things that were simple when they got older. Especially if they are still living in their own home, you will want to make life easier for them. So, follow our tips, and you will be able to help your loved ones in no time!


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