Throwing An Engagement Party To Remember: 5 Tips

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It was the best moment of your life: he popped the question, you said “yes” and now you’re sporting the perfect ring from and the perfect man on your arm.

Naturally, you’re ready to celebrate with your loved ones and you want it to be memorable. Throwing an engagement party isn’t a necessity, but it’s a great way to celebrate the good news with those closest to you, show off your new diamond and even let your future wedding guests get to know one another a little better. Here are a few tips to make your party memorable.

Make It Beautiful

Your wedding is going to be stunning – and there’s nothing wrong with giving your guests a little taste of what’s to come. You don’t have to go all out but put the effort in with your décor and venue to show that you mean business.

Some fairy lights, candles, and perhaps a few flower arrangements can be enough to really lift a space, and if your venue has the right ambience, you’ll nail it.

Make It Fun

While a dinner party is always a good time, consider spicing things up a bit for your engagement party with a couple of activities to keep your guests entertained. 

You could encourage your guests to play fortune-teller and write down their predictions for your marriage and future. You could also play a game of “who said it” or “who did it” which will undoubtedly unleash tears of laughter. There are loads more ideas online for these types of party games.

Make It Sweet

Offering a little gift or token to your guests is a sweet way to thank them for joining your event, for attending your upcoming wedding, and for playing their own special role in your love story.

Your token could be anything you might imagine and is entirely up to you, but making things personal and perhaps a little sentimental is always a good idea. If you know where your wedding will be hosted, you might want to make your token a clue to what this will be: a bottle of wine for a vineyard, or something with a beachy touch if you’re planning on getting married at the sea.

Make It Personal

Remember, this isn’t just a regular dinner. You and all your guests are there to celebrate you and your partner, your love story and your bright future together. It’s okay to make things a little personal and keep it all about you.

Ask your guests to write down notes for you to read in the future, snippets of marriage advice, and other sentimental touches you might enjoy. Feel free to decorate with photographs of you and your partner and take in all the attention.

Make It Delicious

Food, of course, is one of the top reasons anybody attends any event. Give your guests a taste of what your wonderful wedding menu will be like by nailing your catering and providing a dinner they talk about for weeks to come. 

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