4 Perfect Costumes For An Upcoming Themed Party

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Playing dress-up is something that many of us enjoy, regardless of how old we get. Wearing different combinations and clothing items similar to our favorite movie stars or superheroes is a thrilling experience. With just one outfit change we magically get transported into another world, be it for a day or even a few hours. 

Halloween or the holiday season lets you experiment with different costumes to let your inner creativity shine through. However, nailing the perfect costume might be difficult, especially with so many fun options available. From Batman, Wonder-woman, to firefighters or book characters, there is a lot to choose from. Then there is a wide list of accessories to select such as wigs, fake nails, and teeth. The options are truly endless.

Do you want to be the star of your next themed party? Here are some classic costumes that will surely help you turn heads and stand out. 

Turn to your inner gothic side 

Themed parties are the perfect opportunity to enter a fantasy world and experiment with different looks. You can put on an outfit and be somebody completely new for a day. If you want to go for something dark, edgy yet super fun, try going for a goth-inspired costume. 

Take out your favorite black eyeliner from your teen years and go all out with a smokey eye makeup look paired with some dark nail polish. Next, go for some stylish cult clothing that will really help you look the part. Remember that with gothic clothing one thing is always true – the darker, the better, so be bold with your choices and you can never go wrong. Don’t forget some combat boots to seal the deal. 

Go for some medieval madness 

Who doesn’t love the good old renaissance and medieval era? The extravagance, the drama, and most of all the beautiful dresses – these are some of the reasons why the medieval century is the perfect costume inspiration for themed parties. 

You will find so many options that can range from a simple floor-length gown you borrowed from your grandmother and a voluminous braided hairdo using hair toppers to a detailed chained armor. You can even go for a humorous option like the court jester for a fun party look. This is the best opportunity to tap into your favorite medieval movie or video game and bring the characters to life. 

The red carpet special

Have you ever wanted to live your favorite movie star’s life? Well on Halloween you definitely can. Turn to the glitz and glam of Hollywood life and dress up as your favorite movie heroes. You can tap into some old-school glamour and select movie stars from the earlier years or pick ones that are hot and happening at the moment. 

One classic example is Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffanys with the little black dress and the updo. Other popular choices include Indiana Jones, Maleficient, David Bowie, Freddy Mercury, and even the Beatles. There are so many outfit inspirations that can be taken online or from magazines to help you prepare. Go for a celebrity look that helps you make use of the clothing items you have lying around at home. You can even go along the DIY route and come up with the best looks. Remember to have fun and go all out with bold fashion choices. 

Take a trip around the globe

What better way to throw a party that truly celebrates every part of the world than to go for a global theme. Everybody can wear clothes that represent their home countries for the perfect blend of culture. You can select an outfit combination comprised of themes typical to your home country. 

For example, if you are from Ireland you can dress in leprechaun green shades or if you want to represent the USA, go for a dress made from the national flag’s signature stars and colors. You can also dress up as the statue of liberty for a fun look. This is the easiest costume to put together and also a perfect way to showcase where you come from. It also makes for a great party game to guess each person’s country from the costume they are wearing. 

Final thoughts 

Themed parties are the best opportunity to let your inner child shine through. Think outside the box and as creatively as possible and come up with anything unique according to the theme of the party. Go through our suggestions and add on your finishing touches for a memorable look that will help you shine. 


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