4 Ways to Make Adventure Travel Easier

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Camping, hiking, hunting, fishing… Adventure travel is an incredible way to break away from the chaos and pressure of everyday life and let lost (not literally) out in nature.

However, the idea of hanging out in the woods with no signal for a week can be intimidating and even unappealing to some people. The trick to really getting the most out of a trip like this is to make it as easy and comfortable for yourself as possible.

Here are a few sure-fire ways to make your next adventure trip easy, comfortable, fun and fulfilling. 

Get a Power Source

Even when we’re trying to escape real life, we can’t hide from the fact that we need energy. At some point, especially on longer trips, you’ll want to power lights, cooking equipment, devices or even a TV, if that’s the kind of camping you’re into.

A Solar LiEePo4 battery is an easy, affordable and sustainable way to power everything you need to and avoid that ‘off the grid’ anxiety. 

Upgrade Your Gear

Sleeping in old, ratty sleeping bags in a tent that blows over with a gust of wind isn’t exactly going to make camping sound like an appealing experience. If you really want to enjoy your trip, you’ll need to invest in the proper equipment. 

Tents, sleeping bags, clothing, backpacks, coolers, cooking equipment, GPS, chargers, and whatever other gear you might need, should all be of a good quality and provide you with what you need to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable. 

There’s no point in even going if you’re going to be tired, itchy and uncomfortable because your camping gear was all purchased in the 90s. 

Pack Good Food

Nobody wants to eat lukewarm canned beans for three days in a row. Packing good food is an essential to really enjoy your trip. Investing in the right cooking equipment (like a camping stove) is a good start, and you can plan a few easy meals to cook while you’re away.

Simple dishes like meat and vegetables, sandwiches and easy pasta dishes are a great option because they don’t require a lot of ingredients or equipment, but they’re still tasty and nutritious.

Easy to eat snacks are also an important addition to take with you when going for walks and exploring. Think energy bars, trail mixes, fruit and bottled water.

Plan Ahead

If you’re nervous or hesitant about adventure travel, the best thing you can do for yourself is plan well and do your research. Make sure you’re clued up about what you need to pack in terms of gear and clothing, and read about the area you’re going to.

In this way, you can plan routes and avoid getting lost, plan a mini itinerary, be aware of any dangers around you and even be familiar with your surroundings and what facilities are nearby.


Having a good and comfortable time out in the wild all comes down to effective planning and being prepared. Make sure you’re traveling with someone experienced if it’s your first time, let go of expectations and embrace the serenity of being disconnected.

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