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5 Cool Features to Expect from Smartwatches 2022

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Shipment volumes of smart wearable devices are projected to reach 776.23 million units by 2026. Increased innovation in recent years has also skyrocketed the global smartwatch market size. Today, people have become health-conscious, and fitness freaks are everywhere. That gives rise to the new age of smartwatches. These cool new watches are more than your regular mechanical or quartz timepieces. 

Smartwatches are like portable devices that provide users with tons of features. And most of them are pretty decent and handy as far as functionalities are concerned. So, what are the features? What should you be looking for if you are about to buy a smartwatch?

What to Expect from Smartwatches in 2022?

Looking at the demand for smartwatches, you can see that it’s huge! It is projected that the market will reach USD 132.9 billion by 2026. Of the shipment of 190 million smart wearables that are expected by 2022, smartwatches alone are expected to reach a market share of 63.3%. 

Here are some of the features contributing to this rush.

GPS Navigation on Your Wrist

Google Maps or Apple Maps have become integral parts of your journeys today. You get tons of information from them apart from seeing the map. For a long time, smartwatches have been shown navigation data in the UI. But there’s something more now!

Today, significant companies like Apple are developing vibration-based navigation. So, it makes navigating even more convenient and non-risky while on a busy road. Smart or what?

The Detective in Smartwatches

You are not alone if you seldom lose track of your smartphone. Or, how many times have you forgotten where your car is parked in a densely packed area? Well, these things go on, and smartwatches can help you make things easier. Just tap on your smartwatch, and there you go. Your detective smartwatch is here!

Health Monitoring Option

Well, you already know how fitness freaks love smartwatches. That’s because smartwatches show a ton of health monitoring options. Now, keeping the young generations aside, these features are excellent for older people. You can get a smartwatch for your parents or grandparents to have all these vital health-tracking benefits.

Remotely Control Your Smart Home

What can be any more exciting than controlling your smart home with your smartwatch? You just need to integrate your smartwatch with your home automation system. That’s it! Now control everything from electrical appliances, lights, fans, etc., right from your smartwatch. However, remember that the automation process is relatively complex. Always call experts to help you with it.

Acts as a Mini Smartphone

If you are going to buy a smartwatch in 2022, expect almost all the features of smartphones on your wrist, from accessing calls, calendars, events, important reminders, emails, and many more. Smartwatches today are more powerful and have reliable battery life.

Wrapping Up

To be frank, it’s no secret that the smartwatch market is on a roll. Trying all these fancy and cool new watches has become more of a teenage sensation. Not just that, health-conscious people, including young and older adults, are also considering these gadgets. So, when are you going out?

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