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7 Tips For Starting A Professional Cleaning Business

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Thinking of starting a professional cleaning business? There’s a huge market out there for cleaning and a huge potential for profit. Upfront costs can be fairly cheap compared to starting many other types of business, plus you don’t need any qualifications to get started. All in all, it can be a great business venture for those who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Below are just 7 tips for launching a successful professional cleaning business.

Determine your target market

There are so many different types of consumer that are looking for cleaning services. You should carefully consider who you want to focus on. Most cleaning companies will focus either on home cleaning or commercial cleaning. Home cleaning involves cleaning people’s homes, which could include regular cleaning or one-off large cleaning jobs. Commercial cleaning involves cleaning offices, restaurants, schools and other commercial buildings – this could include regular cleaning or one-off deep cleans. Decide which is right for you.

Find your USP

There will be many other cleaning businesses out there to compete with, so you need to find something to set you apart. This is known as finding your USP (unique selling proposition). Examples of USPs could include dealing with hoarder’s homes, using only bio-friendly cleaning chemicals, offering professional carpet cleaning services, offering upholstery cleaning services or even offering services like mold removal. 

Build a website

Every business needs a website. Make it your priority to build a site so that you can start attracting customers online. It’s worth hiring a professional web development company to create something that looks top quality and that is SEO-friendly.

Invest in marketing

Other marketing strategies will also help you to attract customers. This could include printing off flyers to post through people’s doors, promoting your services on social media or handing out business cards. Make sure that your target market and USP is clearly outlined in your marketing. By continuously investing in marketing, you can keep a steady income coming in. 

Work out which equipment you need

You’ll need certain equipment to run your cleaning business. This could range from vacuum cleaners for regular jobs to floor buffers for more specialist jobs. If you think you’re going to be using this equipment regularly, you’ll likely need to purchase it. If you think you may only need to use it every now and again, it may be more economical to hire it when you need it. 

Decide whether you need to hire staff

Are you willing to do all the cleaning on your own? Depending on the types of clients you take on and the number of clients you take on, it may benefit you to hire some staff members. If you do become an employer, make sure to get licensed and insured, as well as setting up a payroll system.

Stay on top of accounting

You need to be aware of every payment that is coming in and going out so that you can file your tax correctly at the end of the year. Many cleaning companies hire an accountant to do this, however you may still want to do some tasks yourself such as paying staff and simply keeping record of payments to make sure clients are paying their cleaning bills. Accounting software could be worth downloading to help with this. 

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