A Few Top Forms of Art in an Art Gallery

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An art gallery is a place where visual art is displayed. There are several types of art galleries like commercial galleries, non-profit galleries, vanity galleries, or artist-run initiatives. Similarly, several forms of art are displayed in art galleries. Here you can find the top forms of art in an art gallery and details of a few famous artists’ artworks on prominent websites like Read on to know.


Painting is an important form of visual art. It brings in several elements like drawing, gesture (gestural painting), composition, narration (narrative art), and abstraction (abstract art). 

Several famous painters have mastered the art of making colors, subject matter, and composition work harmoniously together. People love these artists for their unified and well-executed artwork. Here are some famous artists in the genre of the painting you should know. 

  • Laurie Yeates Adams

Laurie Yeates Adams is a famous artist known for working in oils and concentrating on the figure. The artist makes an honest effort to communicate the exceptional inward nature of her subject in the painting. 

She follows a variety of abstract paint styles, including thin and thick paint application, lost edge, soft to hard edges, layering, blending, and scratching to convey the intrinsic qualities of the figure through paints. You can find her artwork on the reputed gallery website and many other art galleries across the globe. 

  • Amy Casteel 

Amy Casteel is an award-winning international artist known as a figurative expressionist painter. Her artwork is a combination of collage and acrylic painting. She mainly draws inspiration from daily life. Amy finds ways to paint the inner vibrancy of people with the idea that art is human and human expression is art. 


The sculpture is a popular visual art form that works in three dimensions. Unlike painting, sculpture stages an illusion in three-dimensional space on a flat surface. One unique thing about sculpture is that it inhibits the viewer’s space. Also, the sculpture is tactile, and you can touch and feel its various forms and textures. 

  • Joel Hunnicutt

Joel Hunnicutt is a famous sculptor known for creating unique vessels that have the shape of pottery and luminosity of the glass while using an organic wood medium. In addition, the master sculptor had a passion for furniture and mastered creating excellent and valuable wooden forms, unlike any other artist. 

Joel’s work is displayed in many famous gallery websites and art galleries in the US, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Maldives, Turkey, Syria, and the Caribbean. 


Photography is visual art that has emerged from the advancement of technologies that allows photographers to change the outcome of the image to fit their artistic expression. Photographers manipulate images through various lenses, film, camera, framing, and shot timing with advanced photography technology. 

  • Walter Arnold

Walter Arnold is known to create non-traditional scenes and images in locations that most people will never get an opportunity to see. The photographer explores places that people have abandoned. 

Walter Arnold establishes a collection of images that tells the viewer’s story. The buildings at the abandoned locations and their decayed state speak volumes about them. Every artifact from the bygone era and the room in the picture holds years of meaning and purpose. 

To sum up, these are some of the top art forms you will get to see in an art gallery. 


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