Feel Your Best – Mental Health Improvement Tips For Men

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If you’ve been having a difficult time of late, for whatever reason, don’t give up hope. Life is full of ups and downs but there is much that you can do to turn the odds in your favor and start taking back control. If you are sick of being miserable and want to feel your best for once, then here are some mental health improvement tips to help you get back to feeling like yourself again. 


  • Speak about it 


Confide in a friend or family member about the things that you are struggling with at the moment. There’s nothing weak or “unmanly” about feeling emotion. As cliché as it might sound there is genuine strength with being in touch with your emotions and it takes a real man to be able to share his feelings with those who matter most. Whether you need comfort or solutions, your loved ones will be grateful that you’ve reached out to them. 


  • Take a break from social media 


You don’t have to pack in social media for good but if you are having a difficult time right now, why don’t you try a little digital detox? Rather than stare at the screen, get outside and watch the sun set. Walk through the woods and breathe in some fresh air. Be present in the moment and forget about what the rest of the world is doing. Focus on you. 


  • Get your butt to the gym 


Whether you want to join a gym or not you need to start exercising. Getting enough exercise when you feel down is difficult, however, the ironic thing is that exercise is one of the most effective cures for depression and anxiety! Start working out and stick to it. When you start losing weight and getting in shape you’ll feel much better about yourself. When you work out you release endorphins and these trigger an emotional response in the brain associated with feelings of positivity. Yea! Science! 


  • Read some positive literature 


There are plenty of self-help books out there but even if you don’t like non-fiction, you can get your hands on some incredibly uplifting stories. Reading is a woefully underrated pastime that can work wonders for your mental health. Treat yourself to some escapism while educating yourself at the same time. They say that the best thing about reading is that it is never time wasted – you are always learning something new. The feeling of accomplishment when you finish another book is always worth it. 


  • Love yourself – literally 

When depressed, often the last thing on your mind is sex or masturbation, however, the mental and physical health benefits of doing so are not to be snuffed at. Consider it medicine and get on with it. Seriously, buy a fleshlight and treat yourself to some TLC. If you are embarrassed by the thought, don’t be. It’s your secret. And besides; the dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and testosterone that your body releases when you ejaculate will make you feel amazing! 


  • Find your passion 

It’s time to let go of the fear of what other people might think. If you want to write poetry, paint Warhammer, knit scarves, or draw pictures of unicorns, do it! You need to find your passion. You don’t have to be amazing at something or make a living from it to enjoy it. Find a hobby and commit yourself to trying something that you’ve always fancied. Never mind what other people will think of you. This is your life! So live it your way.

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