How To Choose A Wedding Venue?

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Among the first steps in planning a wedding is to book a venue. Even though choosing a venue can be stressful, it’s good to tackle the most significant decision as soon as you get engaged so you can focus on the rest of your planning. Wedding themes are arguably one of the most critical parts of the planning process since they set the tone for the whole celebration, help establish a color scheme and provide the basis for the guest list. 

Resorts like Sandals have wedding locations worldwide and offer all-inclusive packages. You should consider a few details before booking a wedding venue.

  • Vibe

When you first enter your wedding venue, pay attention to the feelings you get because it will be the same for your guests. Some brides-to-be will envision their wedding venue before even seeing it, while others may require a bit more guidance. Is the venue upscale? Modern? Rustic? Cozy? You can choose a rustic lodge setting if you want your guests to feel at home. But if you want your guests to be wowed and dazzled by the luxury of your celebration, then perhaps you should have an ultra-luxurious hotel wedding.

If you’re going for a particular vibe, make sure you pick a venue that reflects the intention. No matter your opinions, the choice is yours, and the wedding venue should reflect your style.

  • Date

Another critical factor to consider when picking a wedding venue is availability. If you’re interested in a specific venue, inquire about its availability as soon as possible. Many venues book out up to two years in advance, so you’ll want to be sure you decide sooner rather than later. 

It might be necessary to change your wedding date or start looking for a new venue if the venue you’re choosing is not available for the date you want your wedding ceremony or reception to take place.

  • Budget

Decide on your budget and how much you will spend on the venue and other items, including a dress. You may be out of your price range if the venue accounts for more than half of your wedding budget. Depending on how important the venue is to you both, it may be worth the splurge – just be sure you understand this before your wedding.

  • Package

Almost all wedding venues, for example, Sandals, offer a wide range of wedding packages tailored to meet the needs and wants of each couple. Be sure to get precise information about the price before you book, so you know the costs in advance.

Make sure you’re clear about what a standard package includes before booking a venue, so you can decide what you will need. Will the venue provide catering and staff? Is there an additional charge for cake-cutting, corkage, and cleanup? It’s important to know what you’re paying for.

  • Number of guests

There is no need to know your exact guest count before looking at venues, but one of the first things the venue will want to know is how many guests you’ll be having. If you don’t know the number of guests two weeks before your wedding, it will be difficult for you to choose a venue. Since almost every venue online lists its facility size, knowing your wedding size whether it is 60, 125, or 300 guests makes it easier to eliminate venues from your list without having to visit them directly.

  • Deposit requirements

Check out these questions to ask about a venue’s financial requirements. First, ask about the rental fee, what’s included in that price, and how the refund policy is handled. The chances of getting a discount are greater on a less popular day or season. Second, what is the deposit amount, when is it due, and is it refundable? Finally, are there payment plans available? Ensure that all of this is in writing to prevent misunderstandings! It’s also important to note that most venues do not lock in dates until they have signed a contract and received a deposit.

  • Backup options

If you have planned an outdoor ceremony or reception, be sure to inquire about wet weather options at the venue. Almost all luxurious venues have other rooms or covered spaces you can use in adverse weather conditions. If your venue doesn’t have this option, you might need to find a marquee or another form of backup yourself.

Wrapping up

Weddings are unarguably the most important days in the life of two lovebirds, so keeping them perfect is a necessity. It is best to plan to avoid last-minute surprises that might negatively affect your D-day preparations. In either case, a destination wedding or one in your hometown, the venue needs to suit your style, fit in your budget, and make you happy. Therefore, you must consider the above-mentioned things before booking your wedding venue.

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