How to Manscape Like A Pro

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Unless you are a fan of the natural caveman look (we do not know many guys that are), chances are that you already do some sort of grooming to your body hair. These are, after all, modern times and the idea of simply letting all of your body hair grow out is something that is seen as not appropriate by the vast majority of men. However, even if you have groomed yourself a few times before, the art of fully mastering manscaping and doing it like a pro is not easy. There is a lot to navigate on the male body and it is important to know how to tackle each of these distinct areas and who tools you can use to do so. These reliable picks from Dapperly Club are some of the best tools available for manscaping.

However, to be able to fully master the manscaping process, you must first understand what exactly it is.

What is manscaping?

This is somewhat of a humorous term that blends together the two words – man and landscaping. It relates to the trimming or complete removal of a man’s body hair for aesthetic reasons. It can be done by using the methods of either by plucking, shaving, and / or waxing. 

Body parts

Manscaping can be done to any part of the body where there is hair or where hair grows, so this includes areas such as the eyebrows, ears, nose, chest, back, armpits, arms and legs, and even the genitals.

  • Eyebrows – the best way to keep these in check is by using a pair of scissors to trim down any hairs that stick out or that are longer than the rest. Follow this up with the use of tweezers. With these, tidy up any hairs that are growing below the natural shape of the eyebrows.
  • Ears – using a pair of tweezers, pluck out any long hairs that are either growing on the ear itself or out of the ear hole. Then take a specialist pair of grooming scissors to trim away any smaller inner ear hairs that are visible.
  • Nose – to do this safely and without causing harm, trim the nasal hair using a proper pair of grooming scissors. Alternatively, some electric beard trimmers have attachments that are specially designed for tackling nose hair.  Even if you plan to manscape your facial hair, using beard butter will improve the quality of your hair and will make the whole process much easier.
  • Chest – the best way of keeping chest hair tidy is by using a good quality electric trimmer. With this, it allows for the guard to be set to just the right height. For a cleaner look, ditch the trimmer and go for shaving cream and a razor instead. 
  • Back – this can be difficult to do given that some spots on the back can be very hard to reach without help from someone else. Some electric trimmers do come with arm extensions, which is ideal for those people attempting back grooming by themselves. The alternative to an electric trimmer is men’s hair removal cream. Simply apply it and then wait around 10 mins before rinsing it off.

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