How To Put Together A Perfect Cowboy Outfit

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If you grew up watching westerners, then chances are you love the cowboy way of life. Not being close enough to a farm with horses and cows can be devastating. However, there are ways you can connect to the cowboy way of life, and that is through dressing. Your dressing identifies you and lets people know what you believe and identify it. That is why certain clothes are reserved for a group of people.

If you have never thought about dressing up as a cowboy, now is a good enough time to try that out. All you need to do is get the right attire, and you are good to go. If you have no idea how to dress up like a cowboy, you are not alone. Read on and find out how you can make your cowboy dreams come true in an outfit.

Get some boots

Before you go even further, one thing is pretty clear; you cannot have a cowboy outfit without cowboy boots. While you might have some boots in your closet, you might need to get some more. Cowboy boots are mostly decorated and can be very fancy. Whether you choose to get the knee-high boots or the normal-sized ones, ensure you have at least a pair of boots or two in your closet. The good thing with cowboy boots is they are made for the hard life on the farm running after cattle. As such, you can be sure you will get a comfortable boot when you buy cowboy boots.

Get a good pair of jeans

Whether you love your jeans tight or loose, you need to ensure you get a pair for your cowboy outfit. One of the things you will notice when you watch any westerner is everyone is always in jeans. Chances are it’s because jeans are very strong and can withstand the frequent wear and tear on the farm. Ensure you pick out a good pair of jeans. They will go a long way to make your entire look convincing.

Get a cowboy jacket

To make this look even more real, invest in a cowboy jacket. If you live in a hot place and a jacket will be too heavy, you can buy a comfortable cowboy vest online to complete your look. Since there are so many colors made from different materials, you might need to look hard before you get a vest that works for you. Take your time and pick out a vest that looks great on you.

Get a belt with a buckle

One of the things westerners and cowboys are known for is their belts with buckles. The bigger the buckle, the better. You need them to make a statement other than just holding your pants up. If you go online and check for cowboy vests, chances are you will be met with various options. Pick a couple based on what you like so you can switch up if you want a change from the one jacket you have.

Don’t forget the hat

You cannot be a cowboy without your cowboy hat. The hat alone without the other clothes will still make people spot you as a cowboy. There is a reason why it is called a cowboy hat. There are so many variations of this hat. Some of them are small, and others command the attention of the room one gets in. Check out the different options and figure out which of the cowboy hats you spotted will work for you.

Looks for a westerner style shirt

If you want to go full-on western, you might want to consider wearing a western-style shirt. A quick search online will give you an idea of what that is and where you can get it. Western-style shirts are long-sleeved and button-down with a plaid pattern to them. They can be used in casual and an official contest if that is what you want the shirt for. They are the perfect everyday shirt, even on days when you do not want to dress up in your entire cowboy outfit.

Customize the entire look

Even though these clothes above are what most cowboys wear, you can switch up a couple of things and still get a cowboy look. For instance, if you are into the modern cowboy look, you can wear jeans on jeans and just add the cowboy jacket on top. You can also play around and get a black suit donned with a black cowboy hat which still gives cowboy vibes. Whatever way you choose to don your cowboy look, go for it. There are no rules set in stone for customized wear.

The cowboy look is a great way to dress up if you feel like you are a westerner. Cowboys are known for their resilience and dedication to their work. If you believe in those values, then dressing up in a cowboy outfit will remind you of them. Put your look together and let everyone identify you as a cowboy.


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