How To Reignite Your Relationship

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In a relationship, you’ll go through different stages, and eventually you might end up at a standstill. You’ll no longer be in that exciting honeymoon period where you can’t keep your hands off each other or be settling into a blissful first week of moving in together. You may find that you’re both living separate lives with no real connection to each other anymore. That doesn’t mean that the love you have for each other has died, you’ve just fallen away from each other. So, if you need help reigniting the spark in your relationship, read on for some top tips. 


Similar to how our day-to-day life can become monotonous, you might realise that your sex life has also gone stale. If you follow the same routine every time or just simply don’t make time for it anymore, you might want to look into trying something new. Online sex shops like Mega Pleasure are a great way to start. Scroll through the new and exciting sex toys available on the market together and pick out things you’d like to try. Not only will they bring other sensations and pleasures to both of you, but you’re also putting your trust in each other and allowing yourselves to be vulnerable. Turning up the heat in the bedroom can be a simple, but effective way of rekindling the fire. 

Be Spontaneous 

There are certain things we have to do each day, and pretty soon we establish a routine. However, always sticking rigidly to them can kill the excitement in your relationship. Surprise each other with trips away or book a last-minute dinner reservation. Don’t let the mundanity of everyday life extinguish the flames of passion between you. 

Let Go Of The Past 

Arguments happen in pretty much every relationship, but it’s how you deal with them that matters the most. If you find yourself always bringing up past issues when you argue, this shows your partner you haven’t really moved on. If you’ve accepted their apology, that means you need to let it go and not keep referring back to it whenever you’re mad. Try changing how you argue as well as they can’t be avoided forever. Take it down a notch and try to discuss why you’re angry, rather than just screaming about what they’ve done wrong. Openly discussing your problems in a relationship will allow you to respect each other and strengthen your connection. 

Ask Them On A Date

Cast your mind back to when the sparks were most present in your relationship. They were probably flying like crazy when you first started dating, so why not start dating again. Head to places you used to visit and start getting to know each other all over again. Compile a list of fun questions that you can take turns asking each other. Try to incorporate laughter back into your relationship and have little inside jokes that only make sense to both of you. Get back to being a new couple with so much to learn and discover about each other. 


No matter how much you try and escape it, technology is fully integrated into our lives. So, if you find yourselves both laying in bed, scrolling for hours before falling asleep without such much as a goodnight kiss, it might be time to disconnect. Try having one night a week where you turn your phones off or put them on silent so you don’t have any distractions and can focus on each other. Use this tactic when going out too. Try to leave your phone in your pocket and actually talk to each other. Actively listening to your partner shows you care about them and want to hear what they have to say. 

If you feel like your relationship sparks have diminished, don’t fret as all hope is not lost. Make time for your partner and really show them how much you care. You can always get your love story back on track and start to see those buds of romance bloom once again. 



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