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Is Your Office Helping Take Care Of Your Team?

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Every employer has certain responsibilities when it comes to their employees. The most important of them all is that the workplace does not cause harm to your employees, whether it’s in the form of an accident, injury, or even illness caused by the office. As such, we’re going to look at three ways you should make sure that you’re running a healthier office, outside of preventing the usual accidents and injuries. There are the standards you should be maintaining through the use of the right services and the right policies 

The importance of comfort

A comfortable workplace is not just about creating an office that helps your team deal with stress, even if that is important. Rather, you should be focusing on the type of comfort that can prevent physical injuries, such as a musculoskeletal injuries. In the office, this is most often known as the discipline of ergonomics and it mostly refers to how people sit and do their work. Ergonomic furniture, such as seats with adjustable heights and supports can help your team find the ways of working that best suit their comfort levels. Given the sitting has been increasingly under the spotlight as a contributor of chronic illness and back injury, more offices have started moving to using standing desks, as well, that can allow people to adjust between standing and seating.

Hygiene is more vital than ever

Any office that has a lot of people tends to be a hotbed for spreading sickness, whether it’s the flu or, in more recent times, COVID-19. Many of us are seeing more and more people coming back to the office, even with remote working conditions and, as such, you have to make sure that you’re maintaining the standards of hygiene in the office. This doesn’t just mean providing hand sanitizing stations and making it part of the policy to use them. You should also make use of services such as commercial cleaning to maintain the standards of the office. The more regularly the office is cleaned, the less chance of people getting sick from spending time in it.

Minding the environment

Aside from each other’s germs, you need to make sure that your team is protected from the elements, as well. Of course, this should be expected of any building that people are expected to spend a lot of time in. Making sure that the workplace is properly insulated, having your ventilation, heating, and air conditioning serviced by an HVAC engineer at least once a year, and preventing the spread of moisture through the office are all valuable. Mould is a very common concern in the office, whether it’s due to a lack of cleaning surfaces that attract dust and moisture, or due to poor ventilation. You can clean mould off many surfaces, but if it gets bad enough, you may need to look at mould remediation teams to help. 

The practices above can help you be much more on the ball in actively taking care of the office. and the people inside it.


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