Like Smoking Weed? Here Are Some Useful Tips

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Most people have a pretty good idea of whether weed is for them or not. If you enjoy smoking weed, you’ve likely had positive experiences with it in the past or are generally open to new things. If this idea isn’t appealing to you, you’ve maybe grown up in a culture or home where you were led to believe certain things about weed. Even if you now know those things aren’t accurate, it can still be uncomfortable to do something that you were constantly told was wrong. The following will explore a few tips for weed smokers, both new and experienced, that can help you cultivate an enjoyable experience during and after smoking.

Weed Strains Make A Difference

One of the things that has the biggest impact on your weed experience is the strain you smoke. If you had a lackluster experience or a stellar one, ask after the weed strain and make a note of it. Often, once people start paying attention, they find themselves preferring either Sativa or Indica strains. Sativa tends to have a slight energizing or stimulating effect, while Indica tends to have a relaxing or sedative effect. Depending on the time of day you’re smoking, and what activities you plan on doing, you might find yourself preferring one over the other. There are also hybrid strains that offer a more balanced effect.

Ingestion Method

Just like the strain of a weed alters the high experience, the way you ingest the weed can also impact your experience. Smoking tends to result in a faster onset and a shorter high, whereas edibles tend to take longer to kick in but last longer. As well, the digestive system treats weed differently than the respiratory system, so many people feel like smoking versus eating weed produces completely different highs. Further, within these two broad categories, there are a lot of options. Smokers will likely have different experiences with joints,  glass blowing tools, bongs, and dab rigs (joints allow for smaller portions, bongs middle-sized portions, and dab rigs often produce very large portions). Edibles can come in all sorts of snacks like gummy bears, candies, and baked goods.  

Clean The House First

This tip doesn’t work for everyone (particularly those people who like cleaning while high), but it can make a big difference for many. Everyone’s high is different, but often people feel an expanded sense of their own experience while high. This means that if the mess was bothering you a touch, even subconsciously, it might have a stronger impact on you while you’re high. A clean space can encourage a fresh and comfortable high.

Get Anything Done That’s A Problem First

Similar to the note about cleaning, many people lead demanding lives and have lots on their to-do lists. Some weed lovers love getting high and then tackling the stuff they’ve got to get done, but more tend to find it helps them really let loose and enjoy their high if they knock off some things from their to-do list before smoking. You might also want to turn your phone off, so you don’t have to deal with unwanted calls, texts, or interactions while you’re enjoying yourself.

Cook First

Like cleaning and getting things done before smoking, some people find that preparing meals or snacks ahead of time is ideal, particularly if you know you’re not going to feel like going out to the store after you smoke. Of course, some people love smoking and then cooking; if that’s you, carry on. But sometimes people find using appliances like the stove or oven uncomfortable when high. If you have food ready, you don’t need to stress; you can simply sit back and enjoy yourself and grab something to eat when you get hungry.

Be Cautious Of Stimulants

When speaking of food and drinks, it’s worth noting that because weed can expand your existing sensations and experiences, things that have high amounts of sugar or caffeine can feel extra strong while high. Some people report feelings of their heart racing or their anxiety levels increasing when they eat or drink stimulants while high. If you experience discomfort while high after eating something sugary or drinking something with caffeine, simply listen to your body. The sensations you’re feeling are how your body always feels when you take in caffeine and sugar, only you perhaps didn’t notice because you weren’t in a state of sensitivity before. 

The above tips should help you create the right environment to enjoy your high to the maximum. Of course, it’s important to remember that everyone’s high is different. What works for you might not necessarily work for someone else and vice versa.

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