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Maxi Dress Styles That Flatter Every Body Type

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There are few things more flattering than a gorgeous maxi dress when it comes to fashion. That’s because long dresses tend to elongate your body and provide an overall slimming effect. 

They also tend to create the illusion of curves by hugging you in all the right places. As if these benefits weren’t enough, maxi dresses are also ultra-comfortable and easy to style. Read on to discover seven maxi dress styles that flatter every body type.

Ombre Maxi Dress

When looking for a fashionable method to cover up those less desirable areas, a beautiful ombre maxi dress is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for women with a heavy build as it’s fitted down to the knee, where a slit adds a touch of glamour. 

From there, it widens out to create an A-line shape. It is another flattering style for women with curvier figures and those on the shorter side.

Maxi Dress With Ruched Sides

When you’re on the hunt for a dress to make you appear taller, this is it! The ruching creates the illusion of extra length. This style is incredibly flattering if you are petite because it balances shorter legs with a full skirt. To further elongate your figure, you can also try to pair this dress with heels or wedges.

Maxi Dress With Drape Style

This casual option is an excellent choice to create a relaxed vibe. Not only does the drape style add extra glamour, but it also provides a flattering fit. The updated high-low hemline further enhances this style’s femininity while making this maxi dress easy to wear and comfortable.

Maxi Dress With Tassels

The beautiful tassels on this style add an extra element of sophistication. The overall silhouette is slimming, and the loose fit provides an alluring, carefree vibe. This maxi dress works well for women with a heavy build because it’s fitted in the bodice before flaring out at the waistline to emphasize a curvier figure.

Off-Shoulder Maxi Dress

This fun and flirty off-the-shoulder maxi dress looks best on women with slender shoulders. This style is incredibly flattering if you have a voluminous bust because the strapless design creates an ultra-feminine look accentuated by the A-line silhouette. 

Tiered Maxi Dress

Tiered maxi dresses are fun and flirty ways to cover less desirable areas. The tiered design creates an illusion of curves by drawing the eye down to your waistline, hips, and bottom. This style is incredibly flattering if you have an athletic figure because it accentuates your natural curves while camouflaging any problem areas. To accentuate the look further, you can consider pairing this look with heels or wedges.

Maxi Dress With Asymmetrical Hemline

This ultra-modern look is a great way to create an attractive and chic vibe. The asymmetrical hemline provides an element of surprise, while the unconventional fit creates a touch of drama that’s sure to get you noticed! 

The style works well for women with a voluptuous figure because it covers and conceals without adding unnecessary volume. It’s also ideal for women with a pear-shaped body type because it balances out the silhouette and creates an ultra-feminine look.


Maxi dresses are also an excellent choice if you are looking for a maternity dress. They provide coverage and can be easily paired with a blazer or cardigan for a more modest look if needed. The best part? These dresses are easy to care for, making them especially great if you have an unpredictable schedule that leaves little time to get ready.


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