Mistakes People Make When Vaping in Front of Others

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While people commonly vape to relax and take the edge off, vaping in the presence of others can sometimes serve to compound stress instead of relieve it. Although there’s generally nothing wrong with pulling out your vape pen in front of fellow vaping enthusiasts, there are a number of mistakes you should avoid when dealing with people who have a negative view of vaping or no opinion on it whatsoever. By steering clear of the following blunders, you stand to save yourself a considerable amount of awkwardness and discomfort.  

Not Asking for Permission 

Before pulling out your vape pen in front of others, it’s generally a good idea to ask for permission. Even if you’re hanging out with fellow vaping enthusiasts, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be keen on smelling fragrant vapor clouds at any given time. Of course, requesting permission is particularly important before vaping in front of people who don’t particularly care for the pastime. Failing to ask if these individuals are okay with you vaping in their presence is liable to have an undesirable impact on their impression of you. 

So, if you’ve grown accustomed to vaping in the presence of others without asking permission, you’d do well to correct this behavior posthaste. Breaking this habit may require you to be extra-mindful of your behavior and repeatedly catch yourself in the act. However, with enough practice, requesting permission will seem like second nature.

Blowing Vapor Clouds in the Direction of Others 

While you may find the smell of your vapor clouds very enjoyable, not everyone in your orbit is likely to share this opinion. Not even your fellow vapers will be particularly keen on having your vapor clouds blown into the faces. With this in mind, make an effort to blow your vapor clouds away from others whenever you’re in the presence of company. Although they’re still likely to smell your vapor, catching a whiff of a vape cloud is infinitely preferable to having one blown in your face.

You can also prevent vapor leaks by keeping your vape equipment in good shape and replacing it as needed. For example, if you have any questions about coil lifespan, don’t hesitate to reach out to the knowledgeable experts at your favorite vape store. 

Stealth Vaping 

When asked to abstain from vaping in certain settings or in front of certain people, you may not feel inclined to oblige. This sometimes prompts stealth vaping – i.e., vaping while actively attempting to hide what you’re doing. People tend to engage in such behavior in spaces where vaping is prohibited, such as stores, restaurants, social gatherings and formal events. 

Unsurprisingly, stealth vaping is a bad idea for multiple reasons. For starters, it’s liable to result in you being reprimanded by the proprietors of certain businesses or banned from their establishments altogether. Needless to say, this can prove to be extremely embarrassing for both you and anyone accompanying you. Secondly, stealth vaping is likely to draw the ire of various family members, friends and acquaintances. For instance, if you’re explicitly asked not to vape at a dinner party, stealthily doing so against the host’s wishes may strain your relationship with this person and reduce the likelihood of future invites.  

Lashing Out  

Lashing out at people who request that you stop vaping in their presence isn’t going to reflect favorably on you. Although you may feel as if you’re being personally attacked, this is likely far from the case. There are a variety of valid reasons for which the people in your life may not want you vaping in front of them, so if you’re asked to stop, you can save everyone present a lot of hassle by simply complying. If you feel the need to continue your vape session, seek out a designated smoking area or take it outside.  

Vaping in the presence of others can be a risky venture. While a number of friends and family members may be perfectly fine with vaping, others may not be quite as amenable to this pastime. Furthermore, vaping in front of strangers or people you’re just meeting for the first time can lead to exceptionally awkward situations. Fortunately, navigating the social minefield that is vaping in front of others doesn’t have to be a headache. Avoiding the missteps discussed above can prove tremendously beneficial to your efforts at deflecting potential conflict. 


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