Should I Bring Flowers on a First Date? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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It takes only a few minutes to make a lasting first impression on a date. And that can make it even more important to overcome first-date jitters to put your best foot forward.

Some decide to bring gifts in an attempt to woo their date, and you may be wondering, “Should I bring flowers on a first date?”

Read on to find out if flowers are really a good idea or if they’ll only scare prospective partners away.

Should I Bring Flowers on a First Date?

Flowers are a classic romantic gift, but are they appropriate for the very first date?

If the date is formal, the answer is an easy yes. If you’re meeting your date for a fancy dinner or classy theater show, flowers fit the occasion and make a great impression. They show that you’ve put thought into your date, and you’re taking it seriously.

Flowers are also a great idea if you and your date already have a clear connection. If you’ve been flirting for a while and already have an established relationship, flowers on the first date are romantic, not tacky.

Popular flowers on a first date include:

  • red roses (the most classic choice)
  • mixed-color roses
  • orchids
  • tulips
  • daisies
  • carnations

However, there are some instances where it’s best to refrain from giving flowers on a first date. If your date is casual, flowers could be a bit too much.

And if you’re meeting for the first time from a dating app, it’s best to save the bouquets for later. After all, it can be difficult to gauge someone’s true interest from online messages and photos alone.

What Other Occasions Call for Flowers?

If you love giving flowers to your significant other, there are several occasions that are perfect for giving flowers beyond the first date.

Holidays such as Valentine’s Day are practically incomplete without giving a beautiful bouquet of roses. And birthdays are another time when giving flowers can put a smile on your partner’s face.

You can also give flowers during tough times to show your support and care. Give flowers to your special person when they’re under a lot of stress, or get them delivered to repair the relationship after a big argument.

Other Romantic Gift Options

There are several other romantic gifts that are perfect for both first dates and other relationship milestones.

If your date expresses a love for sweets, give them a box of high-quality chocolates. If you’re ready to chat together over drinks, bring a bottle of expensive wine to your dinner date. And if you’ve been together a while, jewelry is always a favorite choice.

You can also give the gift of experiences, especially a shared experience. Give your partner tickets to a concert or passes to an art class for couples so you can spend fun quality time together.

Make a Positive Impression on Your First Date

It’s crucial to leave a good first impression on a date with someone new. And the answer to the question “Should I bring flowers on a first date” is yes—sometimes.

Gifts such as flowers can leave a great impression, but it’s important to judge the context and relationship first.

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