Signs That You Are Not Ready For A Tattoo

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If you have not thought long and hard about the tattoo you are about to get; you are probably not ready for one. There is nothing worse than having a tattoo that has meaning to you for only a few years. If you think that a tattoo will make you look rigid or relaxed, think again; the stigma of having some poorly drawn, meaningless tattoos on your body might make it harder for you to get hired for jobs later. Not all tattoos are permanent; however, they can still be life-changing, for better or worse.

You might think that you are ready to get a tattoo, but after reading this article, you will come to realize how many different signs there are that tell you otherwise. Here are signs that you are not ready for a tattoo:

You Want a Fake Tattoo

If you think a fake tattoo will make you look tough, you are not ready to get a real one. Fake tattoos do not take the same time and effort to put on your body as real ones do, meaning that they can last for only a few hours or days. Fake tattoos also come in bright colors and have very little meaning behind them; this makes it difficult to hide them if you want them removed later on. If you want the look of a tattoo but never thought about getting one until recently, then there is no harm in using fake tattoos for a night out with friends or a day at the beach. However, if you have been thinking about getting a real tattoo for years, it might be best to seek the help of an ink expert who is able to change the design of a fake sleeve tattoo into a real one. Real tattoos require months of careful planning and consideration before putting them on your skin for everyone to see.

You Still Do Not Know What You Want The Entirety of Your Tattoo To Say

If you have been thinking about getting a tattoo for so long and still cannot figure out what exactly it is going to say, then there is a chance that you are not ready to get one. Even if the letters or pictures will be meaningless in the end, every tattoo needs at least some form of beginning; this means that before your tattoo can be finished, you need to know what it should say or mean. If you still cannot decide what words or symbols your tattoo should say, do some research about the different meanings that certain tattoos have for people worldwide. There is even a chance that you might learn something new from others’ tattoos and gain more ideas for your own choice of ink.

You Want To Get A Tattoo With Your Partner

It is one thing when two people want to get separate tattoos that mean something specific and personal only to them. However, if your idea of a first date includes getting matching tattoos, then chances are this might not go as well as expected. The tattoo should be a sign of love and not force. Getting a tattoo with someone else does not necessarily mean that you share deep feelings or even love itself. Getting a tattoo with someone before committing could lead to severe complications in the future, especially when children or a job comes into the picture. If you want to get a tattoo with your significant other, it is best to wait until you have decided on whether or not you are ready for such a commitment.

You Feel Compelled To Get Your Tattoo In One Sitting

If you have been planning on getting a specific type of tattoo for months but do not think you will be able to sit through the whole process, you are probably not ready for a tattoo. Tattoos take time and effort to apply, so it is vital that people only get them when they genuinely feel ready. If the idea of having your entire back covered in tattoos seems too painful without taking breaks in between sessions, then chances are this is not the best choice. People who become anxious as they go through the different steps of getting a tattoo can also forget about the result of getting one. If you know that you will not handle the pain, it might be best to skip tattoos altogether and choose something else that is a little less painful but still holds value to you.

You Want a Tattoo in a Ridiculous or Uncomfortable Place

Getting a tattoo in an uncomfortable place cannot only make the entire process more challenging but also far more painful. People get tattoos in places like behind their ear or lower back because they are the least sensitive parts of your body. This means that there is no way these areas can hurt as much as other delicate areas such as the wrist, ankle, neck, chest, fingers, ribs, and even eyelids. If you are determined to get a tattoo in an uncomfortable place, then it might be best to think about getting a henna design instead. These designs will last just as long but can still have significant meaning for you without being an endless nightmare.

You Want To Get A Name Tattooed on You

Getting someone’s name tattooed on you is a huge step and should be treated as such. Even if you and your significant other have been together for years, getting a name tattoo done before tying the knot can still be considered a rushing thing. If you decide to get rid of the tattoo at any point during or after your relationship because it was not meant to be, then it will be impossible to cover up without having surgery performed on you. People must choose something more personal than names when selecting the right design for their tattoos. One idea could include establishing a word that holds special meaning between both partners if they are not already engaged to get married.

Remember that tattoos are for life. They should consistently be earned because of this. People who do not think about what they truly want in a design or what the result will look like can become very unhappy with their choice later on. If you genuinely feel ready to get one, then make sure you choose something meaningful and something that will last forever.

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