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Some of the World’s Most Valuable Coins You Need to Know About

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Old and interesting coins are fun to find, view, and collect, especially if you love history and have an interest in wealth. You might dream about finding an amazing (and valuable) coin in an old piece of furniture or in building up a sizable coin collection that’s worth a mountain of money one day. 

Some expensive coins have been found in spare rooms, attics, and storage sheds, among other places. But while you can’t control what you may luck into, you can manage your knowledge of precious coins. Read on to learn about some of the most valuable ones globally, so you know what to keep a lookout for. 

1787 Fugio Cent – American

Historians believe that the first coin ever circulated in America after it was newly formed was the Fugio cent, back in 1787. It’s also known as the Franklin cent in reference to Benjamin Franklin, one of the nation’s founding fathers. This pricey collectible features a sun and a sundial on it, plus the Latin word “fugio,” which is a variation of the verb “to flee.” Put together, the details create a suggestion of time flying. 

The coin also has an invocation at the bottom of one side that says “mind your business,” which at the time meant to literally pay attention to business affairs. The other side of the coin has a “We are one” motto plus a chain with 13 links. This chain symbolizes the first 13 states in the U.S. The Fugio cents’ value today ranges from a few hundred dollars up to tens of thousands of dollars for the extremely rare variants in better condition. 

723 Umayyad Gold Dinar – Islamic

When it comes to Islamic coins, it doesn’t get more prized than the incredibly old 723 Umayyad gold dinar. This coin was struck from gold mined at a spot owned by the Caliph himself. It’s the first gold coin to name a location in present-day Saudi Arabia, and it’s very rare, with only around a dozen of the notable products in existence today. 

The coin features the phrase “mine of the commander of the faithful” (translated) marked onto it and, while similar dinars can sell for only hundreds of dollars, those with this particular text are the rare and valuable ones. A 723 Umayyad gold dinar most recently sold for close to five million dollars in late 2019 but before that, in 2011, another version of the coin sold for around six million at auction.  

1794 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar – American 

One of the most expensive silver coins ever sold, the 1794 flowing hair silver dollar is believed to be the first silver dollar ever created by the United States Mint. The highly-coveted, valuable piece sold at auction in 2013 for a little over $10 million and then for an impressive $12 million just recently. 

Its front showcases a rendering of Lady Liberty with flowing hair, hence the coin’s name. On the back of it is an American eagle. It’s said there are less than 130 of these coins left in the entire world, with fewer than 1,800 ever produced. 

1343 Edward III Florin – British

Britain doesn’t miss out when it comes to creating valuable coins. The 1343 Edward III Florin, for example, is one of the oldest and rarest coins around, with only three in existence after the many centuries since the currency first circulated. Most of the original coins were melted down centuries ago. Known as the “double leopard,” this coin was worth around six shilling in medieval England but is valued at around $6.8 million today. 

Two of the three known Florin’s are housed in the British Museum in London. The coin features an image of King Edward III on his throne with two leopard heads on either side of him. On the other side of the piece, there’s a Royal Cross inside a quatrefoil (a symmetrical shape with the overall outline of four same-sized partially overlapping circles). The double leopard is considered the most valuable English coin today. 

Some other valuable coins worth learning more about include the dinner-plate-sized 2007 Canadian $1 million gold maple leaf and the American St. Gaudens gold double eagle, a $20 gold coin from the early 1900s. Clearly, there are all sorts of exciting coins to learn about. Coin collecting is a fun hobby, too, and you never know what you may find. 

However, in the meantime, if you want to invest in some gold or silver, you can do it by buying products from a mint or bank or the like. A pure gold bar or stack of silver can be a great vehicle to diversify your portfolio over the years. However, do your research and only purchase from reputable, verified sellers. 


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