The 6 Great Benefits Of Living A Caffeine-Free Life

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For a majority of people, having a cup of coffee or tea in the morning is part of their daily routine and for sure an absolute necessity. Without them, they cannot prepare themselves for the upcoming tasks and obligations. 

Some of them become so addicted to these beverages, that they simply cannot imagine a single day without consuming them. Even though one cup of coffee or tea is not going to do you any harm, have you ever tried taking a break from them?

The answer is probably no, and that’s completely okay, however, maybe if you knew how beneficial it would be to completely forget about these drinks, maybe you would consider taking this step. If you’re still having second thoughts about it, then you should check out this useful information below.

Reasons Why You Should Start Leading Caffeine-Free Life

You’ll Sleep So Much Better

Well, this definitely isn’t a surprising conclusion, however, maybe some people should be reminded once again. Those who do not already know, caffeine is actually a stimulant, which can frequently cause restlessness and insomnia.

Therefore, if you eliminate it from your diet, it just might positively impact your sleep. Bear in mind that a lot of people take either coffee or tea because they help them wake up much faster. 

Decreased Anxiety

Have you been feeling anxious lately? It may be due to some problems you have, however, it can also be from too much caffeine as well. Namely, caffeine for sure boosts our energy, but it can also stimulate “fight or flight” hormones which can sometimes cause anxiety.

Besides that, it can lead to panic attacks, tension, and heart palpitations. That’s why it’s easy to conclude that one of the benefits of quitting coffee or tea, or any other beverage that contains caffeine, is that your anxiety is going to be drastically decreased. Unfortunately, those who consume these drinks and are prone to anxiety and stress can worsen their symptoms if they do not reduce the intake of caffeine.

What Are Some Other Benefits?


Who likes to constantly go to the bathroom? The answer is no one. That’s something that can be very uncomfortable and annoying, especially when you’re not at home. Remember that caffeine is a diuretic, hence, a lot of people are forced to take a lot of bathroom breaks. 

So if you want to reduce your bathroom visits, then you should definitely consider cutting out caffeine from your life, or at least decrease its consumption. Soon you will notice that you are urinating much less, and you’ll be able to function properly throughout the day. 

Better Absorption Of Nutrients

Individuals who do not consume coffee, tea, or any other beverage that is loaded with caffeine are capable of absorbing some nutrients much better than those who do. How come? Well, that’s because tannin that is found in caffeine can potentially inhibit the absorption of these nutrients:

  • Iron
  • B vitamins
  • Calcium

Furthermore, this is especially the case who have large amounts of caffeine on a daily basis, do not lead a healthy lifestyle, or are older. Therefore, if you eliminate caffeine from your life, your body will be able to absorb these essential nutrients much better. 

It Could Make A Positive Impact On Your Bloodstream

Passionate coffee lovers may sometimes feel like java is running through their veins and may feel good about it, but it’s definitely a feeling you can live without. Many studies have shown that caffeine is actually very acidic, hence, eliminating caffeine sources can help the body’s natural blood alkalinity. 

Namely, having high-alkaline blood levels is a great thing, for sure. It positively affects our skin and has numerous beauty-related benefits. Now, who would have ever thought that something like this could happen?

Balanced Hormones For Women

Living a caffeine-free life can extremely be beneficial for women. Namely, caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee, and soda can change estrogen levels. A study that was conducted ten years ago, has uncovered that two hundred milligrams (which is approximately two cups) or more of caffeine per day can boost estrogen levels in black women, Asian women, while white women have a bit lower estrogen levels. 

Keep in mind that altered estrogen levels are definitely not a good thing, and can be especially dangerous for women who have an increased risk for health conditions such as breast cancer, endometriosis, and ovarian cancer, so be careful.

As you can see, there are so many spectacular benefits of leading a caffeine-free life, yet, we’ve only scratched the surface with the ones that were mentioned here. Therefore, make sure to reduce it if you’re still not ready to completely eliminate it.

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