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The Three Key Reasons Your Branding Matters

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We know that in a world where your content does the talking, much of the heavy lifting comes from your branding. Your branding is more than just your logo. Your tone of voice, the colors you choose, the style should be cohesive throughout your printed and published materials. 

But it’s not always easy to get your branding right; it’s not uncommon to turn to a professional banding company like Sterling Brands to make sure you get it right. 

So why does your branding matter?

Customer Bonding

Your customers should feel a connection with your company, and one of the most important ways to do that is through your branding. Your branding gives them insight into who you are and what you do. 

But more than that, it tells them what they can expect from you, how your product or service will add value to their lives, and why. 

The first thing a customer will often see of your company is the branding you have across your social media platforms or through your paid marketing efforts. 

It needs to resonate with the audience profile you have created as the market for your product. The small elements like your written content, images, videos, and more should build a bigger picture of how your brand will fit into their lives. 

Great branding combines smart marketing techniques and a strong branding strategy. 

Your branding communicates a lot to your customers, allowing them to form a bond with you. Keep in mind that customers are buying into what your branding tells them much of the time. 

There are a million lipsticks on the market; there are thousands of SaaS options – what makes you different (aside from your service) is that shop window that you present filled with your branding. 

Price Point

Before you begin to build your branding, you need to define the price point and the market you are going for. There is a big difference between the branding for a young, fun budget company and a multi-billion-dollar company. 

You can typically see these differences in the branding in the early stages of the company launching. 

One of the best brands to study when looking at creating a need for a product and a product that people will pay more for is Apple. 

Their branding makes their buyers feel like part of revolutionary technology and design – even if most of their technology can be used on different devices. 

Their branding is one of the strongest you are likely to find, which is why marketers, designers, content creators, and branding professionals find them so interesting. 

What makes Apple so successful and able to set any price point they like?

  • Their brand awareness efforts are incredible – they make sure you know what Apple stands for. 
  • They create a user experience from the moment of purchase to the moment of the upgrade. 
  • Apple offers a huge range of support, and that is part of their branding; they have genius, courses, and tech support to help you at any stage. 
  • Apple’s brand loyalty is unrivaled, and they consistently meet their customers’ expectations. 

It sounds simple, but Apple is a finely crafted branding machine, and its branding is impeccable because it has been the main focus. 

Employee Advocation

In the last few years, we have seen an increase in tech companies sending their new hires regular packages with cool merch. The people who work at Google, Apple, IBM, Slack, and Netflix are gifted incredible welcome kits. 

Strong branding makes people want to be a part of it, and the exclusivity of these items is something to be shared. We live in a social media world, and you can find any number of employees sharing their swag bags. 

Their logo is all over these otherwise ordinary items – and they become something that is coveted. More people are likely to check out what is new from the brand. 

One of the key ways to increase reach is to have your employees as your biggest advocates – but they can only do that if they believe in the company and the message they send. 

Strong branding makes customers and employees feel like they are part of something big that feels like home. 

Your branding should be one of the most important things you focus on while launching your company. And, when it comes to rebranding, you have the opportunity to come back with something stronger than before. 

Your branding will be the difference between a loyal fanbase and growth or stagnation.

The packaging you use for your products is also a part of your branding, here is how to make the most of it: 4 Ways You Can Use Packaging As An Effective Marketing Tool.


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