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Tips in Dealing with Different Voices at Work

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Having different opinions at work is inevitable. It’s also a good sign. It shows how passionate your employees are, and they only want what’s best for the organization. The problem is it can turn into a screaming match at times. You hear too many people talking, and you don’t know whom to listen to. Here are some tips for dealing with these voices. 

Appreciate how passionate everyone is

You can’t stop people from talking and tell them they’re wrong. While you want to control the situation, you also don’t want to turn them off. If you overreact, your employees might not want to say anything anymore. They will also feel like you don’t care about their thoughts.

Create rules

Set rules when you have a meeting to brainstorm ideas or plan a project. Make sure everyone can speak their minds and not get shut down. Respect should also be at the heart of the meeting. There will be different ideas, but everyone can remain respectful. No one should laugh at ideas, even if they’re ridiculous. Sometimes, the best results come from them. 

Don’t let someone dominate the conversation

Step in if you realise that only one person speaks up while the rest can barely get into the conversation. Don’t allow one person to insist on ideas even if they seem right. You don’t want to prevent others from being creative. They might think that you only trust one person to lead, and they have no choice but to stay quiet. You should also distribute tasks. If you have an upcoming corporate event, you can consider a fairground event. Let another person take the lead. They can still ask for help from suppliers like https://www.wearetricycle.co.uk/ for the fairground event, but this person will take charge. A culture of fairness will encourage creativity and confidence among your employees. 

Don’t decide immediately

Another mistake most leaders commit is to decide right away. Even if you let people vote, it’s still not a bright idea. Instead, allow time for participants to sit on these different views before they decide. You don’t want wrong ideas to push forward because the person who suggested them dominates the discussion. Besides, you will only realise how good some points are once you think about them for a few days. 

Don’t add fuel to the fire

When you know the conversation heats up, try to minimise it. You can’t throw more bones to let the employees fight it out even more. You will only prevent great discussions from moving forward. If anything, the arguments become personal and unproductive. Whether you or someone else is facilitating the conversation, it’s crucial to be neutral. 

Again, varied views are a good thing. It’s a sign that people want what’s best for the company. You would rather have opposing views than not have anyone speak up. As long as you can resolve disagreements, it’s good enough. You should also learn from previous mistakes as you move forward. You can’t let your employees feel unheard or disrespected.

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