Trendy Solutions for Modern Women’s Wardrobe

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The New Year brings new trends along with old ones. We have a new season coming up, which means it’s time to start thinking about new, fresh solutions for your wardrobe. Do you want to know how to pick a stylish look from the fashion trends for modern women in 2022? Along with eNibbana women’s fashion observers, we present to you the trendy style ideas and pieces listed below:

1. Elegant Black All Over You

Even though total black look is nothing new, there are several ways to make something truly exciting. Total black is one of the best ways to emphasize your silhouette and give a wow effect wearing expensive textures such as satin, silk, or quality heavy cotton. You can emphasize the uniqueness of this outfit by layering and adding exclusive accessories. Swap out the bright color for a dark bag and shoes to accentuate the overall ensemble. At the office or a party with friends, these are the staples of your wardrobe for years to come.

2. Or Maybe a Bright Splash?
If black is clearly not your color, then in the new year, you should not restrain your colorful impulses! Back in the last year, neon green, pink, and orange took over the hearts of many fashionistas. They are still relevant and have a lot to offer your wardrobe. The most win-win option is a bright green coat paired with a basic relaxed look and a couple of metallic accents. Try different textures and add layers to your outfit because the bolder you are, the more spectacular your look.

3. Luxury Chains Go With Everything

Chains, chains, chains..oh yea, did we mention chains? If you are aiming towards the image of a successful businesswoman, then this trend will become a must-have that complements almost any look. Choose a couple of luxury chains from Chanel to Versace and start styling. For a work outfit, wear a chain sash over a blazer or dress, or for a relaxed look, opt for a knitted cardigan and a pair of massive necklaces.

4. Сhunky Sole Loafers
It is no secret that massive shoes have been capturing the trends and wardrobes of many women for years. Chunky loafers are pretty comfortable and serve as a universal thing to create stylish outfits. You can find these shoes on the eNibanna website and combine them with a relaxed pantsuit and accent accessories, such as massive necklace chains.  

  1. Large Chokers Are Сoming Back

Another trend from the 90s is back as a stylish accessory for the new season. You can pair it with a button-down shirt, slicked-back hairstyles, or a high ponytail. Another trend from the 90s, namely t-shirts with blazers, is also a perfect choice for a combination. Don’t be afraid to go big with this type of accessories, accentuate a laconic outfit, or go full train with lots of lairing and other accessories.

Dress Up With a Passion!
You don’t have to be a fashion guru or an outstanding designer to dress stylishly. The more you explore your taste, the easier it will be for you to find a stylish and unique look for every day. Don’t be afraid to experiment and give free rein to your desires!

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