What Are The Benefits Of Vapor Blasting?

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You have probably heard about vapor blasting. Wet blasting, vapor honing, dustless blasting, or simply vapor blasting are other terms for this. Within the business, the term “abrasive blasting” is used generically to denote an abrasive blasting technique, most commonly referring to dry blasting, but there are several types of abrasive blasting.

Whatever name you give it, this procedure involves cleaning an object or surface using a combination of water, abrasive particles, and compressed air. This is a good approach to clean quickly and thoroughly without producing a lot of debris.

Abrasive blasting equipment can be used on a variety of surfaces, including metal, stone, and concrete. You may, for example, use it to remove graffiti from a wall or to clean the deck in your yard. You may also be asking ‘can vapor honing remove anodizing?’.

Here are some of the benefits of vapor blasting.

Lower operating costs

By including water in the process, users gain greater control over the abrasive force on the workpieces. Adjusting both water and air pressure can also help to reduce abrasive media consumption, and having the abrasive cushioned in the water extends the life of important wear parts like hoses and nozzles. When compared to alternative blasting procedures, this saves time and money on maintenance.

Increased cleanliness levels

Wet blasted components are very reactive following processing due to the slurry’s simultaneous capacity to both modify the surface profile and wash away any impurities. By removing the top layer of scale, oxides, coatings, or material and then washing over it, the emerging surface is given an exceptionally clean finish in a single process step. Wet blasting’s ability to provide such a clean and reactive surface makes it a perfect pre-treatment for many goods that require additional plating, painting, coating, or bonding.

Improved finishing

By combining process steps, the ability to work with additives such as degreasing agents or inhibitors can improve the effectiveness of wet blasting equipment. The water removes any static buildup and promotes media flow across the work components, improving process consistency and resulting in more homogeneous finishes. Improved finishes are crucial in industries where uniformity is critical for the manufacturing process as well as downstream applications such as bonding or coating.

Process control and repeatability 

With many sectors expanding their expectations for quality and process monitoring, wet blasting provides users with extensive control. With some of the most available parameters among mechanical surface treatments, practically every variable in the process may be measured and controlled. Users of Vapormatt wet blasting machines can set optimum conditions that are then maintained in order to improve the process’s reliability and the quality of the materials being treated.


Wet blasting is an appealing alternative to many surface treatments because all components of the procedure are environmentally safe. The use of water enhances the operator environment by removing dust and the requirement for huge and costly filtration systems. There are no chemicals required, and the waste channels are simple to handle due to the use of innocuous elements in the medium and the provision of separation systems to decrease the quantity of rubbish generated by the process.



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