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What do people look for when buying a house?

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Buying and selling property can be a tricky business, especially in today’s modern world when trends can change in the blink of an eye. No matter whether you’re putting your home on the market or looking to buy your first property, it helps to have an idea of what people look for when buying a house. 

There are plenty of things sellers can do to make their home more attractive to potential buyers, and there are also a number of things hopeful buyers should be aware of as they navigate their way around the property market. 

Let’s explore what people look for when buying a house.

What’s important to people when they’re buying a house?

Many people value the location of the house over the house style itself. This is a logical approach to take considering cosmetic and even structural adaptations can be made to change the appearance of your home, but nothing can be done to change its location. 

When it comes to location, look for somewhere that’s convenient to travel to work, family, and friends and that has a welcoming feel to the neighbourhood. Remember, you’re probably going to be living in your new home for a while, so you want to be sure you feel happy and comfortable where you settle. 

What are people willing to pay more for?

A UK bathroom design specialist surveyed a range of hopeful house hunters of various ages to find out how much more they’d be willing to pay for an extra bathroom. The study revealed 86% of respondents would pay more for a home with two or more bathrooms, and 10% would pay upwards of £10K for each additional bathroom. 

It’s clear an extra bathroom will make a house more appealing and therefore could be sold for a higher price, but the type of bathroom was revealed to be of importance too. 

42% of those surveyed deemed an ensuite bathroom off the master bedroom to be the most attractive set up when buying a home. The second most popular option was a separate bath and shower, with 41.5% choosing this as their highest priority. 

What should you check before you buy a house?

When buying a house, it’s essential to check the condition of the property. This includes looking for damp and mould as well as checking all the heating, electrical and plumbing systems are fully functional and in good condition. 

You’ll also want to ensure you’re investing in a good area with convenient amenities and a respectful neighbourhood culture. Be sure to check the value of houses in your chosen area before making any decisions, to ensure you don’t invest in a neighbourhood where house values are dropping.

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