4 Tips for Finding Dad Friends

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There’s nothing easy about being a parent. You’ll come across different challenges, struggles, and lessons throughout the years. One way to make parenting a bit easier is to connect with other dads. 

As a father, it’s important to have dad friends. These are the people you go to when needing advice or simply wanting to vent. It’s always nice to have others who know exactly what you’re going to and can relate. 

How can you find a dad community to become a part of? Continue reading the guide below for tips on finding the right father community for you!

  1. Schedule Play Dates

If your child is of school-age or attends daycare, then they’ll most likely have a few friends in their class. There might be one child in particular that they enjoy playing with or seem to stay close to. You might have even turned down your child’s request to play with this friend outside of the school setting.

Now is the time to start scheduling those playdates. It’s a great way to meet other dads. 

  1. Join an Online Group

Social media has opened the door of possibilities when it comes to connecting with people from all over the world. Don’t hesitate to join a few local dad groups online. Talk with other dads you already know about groups they might be a part of. 

You can also conduct a search for “dad groups” to see what options come up. Join a few groups and start connecting with other dads near you! There are even websites and resources for dads starting over in life.

Check out for some amazing resources for dads in all stages of life. 

  1. Spend Time Where Dads Are

One of the best ways to meet other dads is to spend time in places where other dads are. Where do other dads hang out? Consider becoming a member at a local community center. 

Sitting back while your child enjoys the swimming pool or takes a gymnastic class will put you in the perfect position to meet other dads there doing the same thing. Remember to stay open to meeting other people and welcome anyone who might spark a conversation with you. 

  1. Transport and Pick up Your Child

If your child attends daycare, school, after school, or any type of sports, then make sure you drop off and pick up your child from these places. Stay awhile and watch your child practice. Volunteer to coach your child’s sports teams or help out at the school.

You’ll come across a variety of dads by doing so and are sure to make friends!

Finding Dad Friends Can Be Easy

Making new friends isn’t always the easiest thing for some people. Finding dad friends doesn’t have to be difficult, however. Use all the helpful advice given above to help you find new dad friends near you!

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