5 Cities Ideal for a Retail Therapy Trip

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What better way to make up for the months of confinement imposed on most of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic than to steal away on a retail therapy trip? A week or two of blissful shopping in an exotic city punctuated by pit stops at snazzy restaurants and cafes. This is exactly what the doctor ordered to atone for that year of boring restrictions. 

Buying stuff to activate the dopamines in your nervous system may be frowned upon by some, but making it through what seems to be the worst of the pandemic is worth celebrating. To make the celebration even more memorable, why not take it outside the confines of your hometown? 

Here are some cities you should consider for that long overdue reunion with the shopping mall. 

  1. Chicago

The Windy City has many things going for it as a shopping destination. First is the sheer number of retailers you will find here. With more than 450 outlets to visit, there will never be a dull moment of shopping in Chicago. You will be able to get threads from your favorite brand as well as something unique for your dog at any one of a selection of pet boutiques. If you’re a shoe buff, you will be delighted with the range of options here. 

When it’s time to put your feet up and reward yourself for the hours of grueling shopping, you can refuel at any one of the city’s renowned pizza joints. There are also a number of gourmet dinners waiting for you.

  1. Boston 

Yes, Boston is known for its historical landmarks and the marathon it hosts every year. But it also offers the quintessential shopping experience to the savvy traveler. There is a huge network of malls to explore here and a number of chic boutiques off the beaten path. Crush Boutique is known for its collections from established international brands and gifted upcoming designers.

If you want to pick up something from more mainstream fashion brands such as Christian Dior, visit Copley Place or Prudential Center. You will find a selection of local eating joints offering chowder and other sumptuous delights. On your way to the restaurant or another retail outlet, you can stop to dance to the tunes played by talented street performers. 

  1. Seattle

If you’re a tech enthusiast looking to pay homage to some of the biggest names in the industry, Seattle will be high on your bucket list. But while you’re there, you can also seize the opportunity to explore the city’s numerous independent stores. If you’d like to spice up your wardrobe with vintage outfits, you’ll find something tasteful at Ballard. 

You can get some unique accessories to go with your freshly acquired getup at Fancy. This jeweler stocks unique, handmade items made from ethically sourced materials. At Fremont Vintage Mall, you will find gorgeous antiques to rejig the décor in your home. 

Seattle also offers traveling shoppers a unique culinary experience. You can stop by at Salumi Artisan Cured Meats for a sandwich that will live long in your memory and then get freshly churned, farm-fresh ice cream from Kurt Farm shop as dessert.  

  1. Vancouver

Vancouver is less than 150 miles from Seattle and also bears the Rain City moniker but offers shoppers an entirely different prospect from the Rain City. Encircled by mountains, this city is as picturesque as they come. Small wonder it is a popular filming location. You will be hard-pressed to find a more delightful backdrop for your shopping expedition.

And the city delivers when it comes to the shopping experience itself with several mainstream and independent outlets to choose from. If you ask residents of Vancouver best places to shop, they will likely point you to Chinatown first. Here is where you will find the irresistible gold trinkets sold at Ultimate 24K Gold Co. An in-house jeweler will help you create a unique bracelet to remind you of your Vancouver sojourn.

It is also where you will find a selection of Asian specialty shops and excellent bakeries where you can replenish your energy with well-priced pastries.

  1. San Francisco

California’s commercial and cultural hub is another location worthy of consideration as a shopping destination. After taking your fill of selfies at the Golden Gate, you can embark on a tour of the city, stopping by Westfield San Francisco Center, the Crocker Galleria or any of the city’s other malls.

Union Square offers a dynamic shopping experience as you will find anywhere else in the country. In addition to an array of high-end fashion brand stores, this locale promises superb dining and great entertainment options. 

Beyond The Shopping 

As you weigh your retail therapy options, the shopping experience should not be your only consideration. Look for other attractions in the city that will pique your interest. You should also think about the kind of accommodation you can get there.





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