5 Different Ways To Smoke Weed

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Did you know that more than 48 million people in the United States of America smoke weed or consume marijuana in some fashion? There are many different ways to smoke weed, and it is up to you to learn about which ways are your favorite. Learning how to smoke weed might take some time, but it provides a number of great benefits for people with insomnia, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain.

The traditional ways of smoking weed with joints or blunts are effective and classic, but some people prefer to smoke through a bong or a ceramic pipe. The good news for you is that you’ve come to the perfect place to learn about different ways to consume weed.

Keep reading this article to learn about five different ways to smoke weed today!

  1. One Hitter

The One Hitter pipe is a pipe for smoking weed, and it has enough space for one hit of marijuana. Most often, these pipes are made of glass or ceramic. The One Hitter is one of the most traditional and classic of all ways to smoke weed around.

If you’re stingy with your weed or you’re a spiritual smoker then you should consider getting a One Hitter.

  1. Joint

A joint is another classic way to smoke marijuana, and you’ll need to get some rolling papers and a filter for this option. This smoking apparatus is essentially a marijuana cigarette. If you don’t know what is a spliff then you can add some tobacco to your joints for a different effect.

Joints are a great way to enjoy your high while on the go. They’re efficient and easy to roll once you’ve done it a time or two.

  1. Blunt

Blunts are similar to joints but they’re more like marijuana cigars rather than marijuana cigarettes. They’re often larger and contain a much higher weed content compared to joints. Joints are often wrapped in tobacco leaves in addition to containing your flower of choice.

If you’re someone that enjoys smoking with friends then a blunt is often your best bet. It is great for social gatherings with close friends.

  1. Glass Pipe

Glass pipes are also common for people that consume marijuana. They’re often small and easy to use, as you add ground marijuana to the bowl and light it up. It is one of the best ways to smoke weed if you’re a beginner.

  1. Bong

Bongs use a water base as a means of giving you smoother hits that are less harsh on your lungs. Bongs are often quite large, which means that they’re not as great for use on the go. Still, the smoothness of your hits when you consume weed is worth lugging your bong of choice around.

Now You Know Five Great Ways to Smoke Weed

Learning how to smoke weed is a great way to help you manage a number of ailments from anxiety and insomnia to chronic body pain and depression. Some people prefer to roll joints or blunts when they consume marijuana, while others enjoy smoking weed through glass pipes. It is all a matter of preference when it comes to how to smoke weed.

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