7 Common Diseases of the Vagina

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Many vaginal diseases can cause permanent damages to the reproductive organ. These include loss of fertily, cancer, and more. Therefore, to conserve your health, it’s important to identify these and visit a doctor when necessary. 

If you know nothing about diseases of the vagina, read on. This article will list and detail 7 common vaginal diseases. 

  1. Vulvodynia 

Experts characterize this disease by its pain around the opening of the vagina. In many cases, this doesn’t just stop individuals from enjoying sex. They can also have trouble doing simple tasks like sitting. 

Experts do not know the cause of this disease. However, medical professionals can offer treatment that lessens the symptoms. 

  1. Yeast Infection 

Vaginal infections are all listed under the broad category of ‘vaginitis’. One of the most common of these is a yeast infection. A group of fungi known as candida cause this infection.

Menstruation, birth control pills, and hormone level changes are all reasons this occurs. Common vaginal symptoms are redness, itchiness, and/or a white discharge. As this disease is contagious, it’s best to cease sexual activity until after treatment.

  1. Bacterial Vaginosis 

A bacteria known as lactobacilli live within the vagina. These microbes are friendly and assist in the functioning of this reproductive organ. The above disease occurs with a reduction in their numbers.

This state causes more dangerous infectious bacteria to move in and replace them. As a result, victims will notice certain thick white or clear discharges. It is also possible to notice a fishy smell.

Luckily, no redness or itchiness should occur with this disorder. 

  1. Numb Vagina  

It’s possible for a vagina to feel nothing during stimulation. Luckily, a numb vagina isn’t usually the result of an infection. It often results from physical imbalances such as stress, menopause, and so on. 

Other causes include sexual trauma or over-stimulation. If you’re concerned, it’s best to visit a doctor to learn the cause. 

  1. Atrophic Vaginitis 

A reduction in estrogen production can cause this disorder. Symptoms of it include vaginal dryness, genital itching, and bleeding after intercourse. 

These symptoms aren’t contagious, but they may interfere with healthy intercourse. Experts have recommended that sufferers use a lubricant in these situations. 

  1. Noninfectious Vaginitis

Often, certain products can cause vaginal irritation. These include perfumed soaps or fabric softeners.

If a sufferer suspects these irritants, they can slowly stop using each one. This should help them identify what product they are allergic to. 

  1. Trichomoniasis

A type of parasite causes this infection. Some symptoms include vaginal redness, soreness, burning, and itching. 

While this is an STD, it’s unnecessary to cease sexual activity altogether. Using condoms and visiting doctors regularly can prevent contagion. 

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As you can see, the good news is that many of these diseases of the vagina can get treated. However, this should come from a licensed medical practitioner. Be sure to seek one if your symptoms are serious. 

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