7 Ways to Upgrade Your Style for Spring

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Want to make a few upgrades to your style this year? It is all about paying attention to the details. 

Read on to uncover seven ways you can upgrade your style this spring season. 

1. Trendy Tee Shirts 

Much like the seasons, trends are always changing. It can feel overwhelming to try and keep up with it, but in reality, it is not that hard. All you have to do is do a little bit of research to find something that you like and stock up on it for the season. This spring, graphic tees, oversized tees, and neutral tees are a great way to follow the trends and stay comfortable. 

Graphic Tees 

Graphic t-shirts for men are back in style and more popular than ever before. It makes sense. They are the perfect way to take on the summer heat while uniquely expressing your personality. Find a couple of options that are a good representation of you, and enjoy your trendy look this spring. 

Oversized Tees

Oversized t-shirts are another hot ticket item this year. They are comfortable, easy to find, and pair well with a pair of short shorts and some nice sneakers. This kind of outfit will leave you feeling virtually unstoppable. 

Neutral Tees 

If you are not one for flashy graphics or baggy clothes, you can always go with a neutral tee. There is nothing crazy about it. Just pick up a few white, black, or tan tees and enjoy your spring in style without even thinking about what you wear. 

2. Dresses 

As the weather warms up in the spring, you will start seeing dresses left and right. After a long winter, people just like to get out and feel the warm sun and cool breeze. So, pick up a few dresses and enjoy brunch outside in style this spring. 

Maternity Dresses 

If you are expecting a new family member soon, do not worry. There are plenty of cute maternity dresses to choose from. Just because you’ll be a mother soon, does not mean you can’t get out and enjoy the spring weather in the same way that you would every other year. In fact, it means you especially deserve to do that. 

3. Sweaters 

Although the weather does warm up during the spring, you will still experience a few colder nights here and there. So, be prepared for those nights with trendy light-weight sweaters that are practical, cozy, and tasteful. 

French Terry

If you want to be comfortable on a colder spring day but do not want to sacrifice looking good. Get a french terry fleece or pullover to keep you feeling warm and looking good. Having high-quality clothes is always in style.

Solid Color Pullovers

Solid color pullovers are in style this year. Pick yourself out a blue, red, brown, or black pullover for any of your colder nights out or cozy nights in. It is always nice when style meets comfort. 

4. High-Quality Socks 

Socks are an important aspect of any outfit. Not only do you want them to be comfortable and durable, but you also want them to look good and compliment the style you are going for. So, pick up a couple pairs of knee-high compression socks. They are comfortable, encourage circulation, and look great with nearly everything. 

5. New Frames 

Have you had the same eyeglasses or sunglasses for the past 10 plus years? While it is impressive that you have not lost or broken them yet, it may be time to move on to a new style. The frames you have may no longer be in style. So upgrade this spring and get frames that are a little more up-to-date. 


There are so many shapes and sizes to sunglasses that it could make your head spin. Although it may feel impossible to pick out a trendy pair of sunglasses that works well for your face, it is not. Foster Grant is a great resource for all of your needs in this category. Shopping there will put you on the right track towards trendy frames that work for you. 

Eye Glasses 

The same goes for eyeglasses. If you have been rocking the same pair of glasses for years. Head on over to Foster Grant and pick yourself out something new. It is always fun changing things up a bit. Especially when you know you will look more stylish. 

6. Jewelry 

Jewelry that goes with your outfit is always the cherry on top. Accessories can simultaneously display your personality and pull your entire outfit together. It shows that you really care about how you present yourself. So, here are some ideas to get you started.


Necklaces can be the perfect centerpiece to an outfit or a subtle accent that blends in just right. Whether it’s chains, pearls, or even puka shells, just make sure you feel good about your outfit when you wear your necklaces. 


Rings can be simple or flashy. It all depends on your personality. Wearing rings that are an extension of who you are can help you feel more like yourself than ever before. Plus, you will look like someone who knows style. 

7. Upgraded Necessities 

Do not let practicality get in the way of your style. If you need a watch, get one that looks good. The same goes for things like wallets. If you have to have it on you at all times, you might as well get one that is high-quality and trendy.  


Many people like to wear watches every day. If you are one of these people, you should consider an Apple Watch. They are trendy, customizable to your style, and incredibly practical. Answering phone calls and texts without pulling your phone out of your pocket is a very useful luxury that you won’t want to miss out on.  


It may not seem like it, but your wallet says a lot about your personality. Are you a brown or black leather kind of guy? Do you go for the tri-fold, bi-fold, or clip? It is a subtle thing, but that is what separates stylish people from those who aren’t so stylish. So, get yourself a wallet that fits your personality and fulfills your needs at the same time. 

The Takeaway 

There are plenty of upgrades that you can make for your style, but the main thing is paying attention to the details. The list above is a great place to start this spring. Getting one or more of these upgrades will send you on your way to becoming the most stylish member of your friend group. So what are you waiting for? 



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