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9 Top Tips To Make Your First Development Stand Out

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Becoming a property developer can be an excellent way to use your business acumen and see fantastic returns. It can be a challenging area to get into, and you will need to work hard to make your development a success. It is crucial to have the interests of the future owners of the homes you create in mind, while keeping an eye on profitability.  

There are a lot of property developers out there, meaning you’ll need to have a competitive edge and something that sets you apart from the rest. Building quality homes is just one part of the complex process towards becoming a successful property developer.  

Choose The Best Location 

To find buyers for your development, you’ll need to build in an area that is desirable to prospective buyers. The location you choose will depend on the kind of buyers you want to attract. If you want to attract families, choosing an area close to good schools and parks is crucial. If you’re going to sell to young professionals, you will need to build near strong transport links, close to the city centre and thriving nightlife.  

Find Quality Suppliers And Tradespeople 

You will need to build quality properties that will stand the test of time. This means choosing the right suppliers and tradespeople to build the best quality prosperities possible. You should select qualified individuals to do all the work required in your development to the highest level.  

It can help to make a list of all the professionals you will need to work with throughout the developing process. Architects, builders, real estate agents, and many more will all be integral to the success of your development. Start researching professionals locally and vet them thoroughly to ensure you get the best possible service. 

Include Desirable Features 

Consider the features for your properties that will attract buyers in the future. Again, you will need to target particular demographics when choosing the features to include in your properties. The living room, kitchen, and bathrooms, in particular, should be your focus, as they are the spaces that can really capture a buyer’s interest and imagination.  

Hire A Professional To Set Up The Staging Property 

How you stage the show homes for your development can make all the difference in attracting possible buyers. It is a good idea to hire a professional interior designer so that you can be confident the home will stand out in the minds of potential buyers. You need to capture the imagination of buyers with a show home, allowing them to envision themselves in one of your properties.  

Take Out A Comprehensive Building Warranty 

A building warranty can protect your financial interests and show your customers that you’re serious about providing good service and quality housing. There is a range of warranties and insurances you could take out to protect yourself and your future buyers when developing properties.  

You should look at the options that offer the best coverage and ensure you comply with local laws and regulations. To find out more about warranties and insurance when developing property, you can find excellent resources from the experts at BuildSafe. This will put you in a good position moving forward.

Put Thought Into The Gardens 

The garden is often underutilised in new developments. To stand out from your competition, you should put thought into the gardens provided, rather than simply providing a small patch of grass and patio. Design your properties so that the gardens get as much sunlight as possible and sort the houses in ways that mean the gardens will not be overlooked.  

Consider The Structure Of The Neighbourhood 

You should ensure that the neighbourhood you are building will be suitable for its inhabitants. Ensure the entry roads are large enough to accommodate the number of cars and new residents. It can also help to take into account the opinions of the residents near to where your development will be built. Fostering goodwill with those near your development can make the process a lot easier. 

Include Attractive Green Spaces 

In most developments, green spaces are a must, as a biodiversity net gain is crucial to keep natural habitats and ecology thriving. You should include green spaces in the planning and plant the best kinds of trees, shrubs and other plants to make the space a thriving place for flora and fauna. It should also be an attractive place for the residents of your properties to enjoy. Include pathways and play areas to make the green spaces inviting and attract buyers to your development.  

Get Feedback 

It is a good idea to ask for feedback from those who come to view your finished properties. Ask about their impressions of the space and whether they plan to buy. If they are not planning to put an offer in, ask if they will go into more detail about why. Take this feedback on board and ensure you factor it in when you start your subsequent development.

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