Get Out Of Your Rut With These Unique Careers

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Now that our new year is officially underway and everyone is back to the grindstone, it might be time to start looking at some of the goals you want to achieve in the next year for yourself both personally and professionally. For those of us who have an entrepreneurial spirit in our lives, we may even want to step away from the 9-5 jaunt and instead do something new for ourselves. If you are considering looking for a new career this year, here are some unique ones for you to try out.

Have you always had a creative eye for furniture and tools? If you are a handyman at heart, a great idea would be to set up a lathe bench, and some tools in your garage and start creating your own furniture and other things. There are so many opportunities you can get from this, plus you’ll feel pride every time you finish a project.

Truck Driver

The first job which you can look into if you are no longer willing to sit in an office all day every day is opening up your own freight company. As far as skills go, you will need to be well versed in business, logistics, and finance for this job and it can be a really great career to go into. Freight companies are more and more in demand and this could be a great opportunity for you to be the head of something which works on an international scale. You’ll have the freedom to be on the roads at all times of the day and it can really take you to great places, figuratively and literally.

Private Lessons Instructor

If you have a skill which you aren’t utilizing such as piano playing, painting, gardening or cooking: why not offer your services in the local area for people who want to learn a new skill or two? Being able to teach people something you know is an incredibly gratifying feeling and you will have the option of working at home or going out to local schools and centers to teach people. It’s the ideal way to use your skills to make a business which is fun and which can really thrive in the long term.

Event Planner

If most of your festive season as well as your summer is spent excitedly planning parties and events for your friends and family, why not do this full time? If you are an incredibly organized person and you have a knack for planning parties, an event planner can be the best job for you. You’ll be able to spend every day planning important events for others and you’ll be able to try out new things all the time. One day you could be planning a traditional wedding and the next you could be hosting a superhero party. Your days will be filled with looking at venues, speaking to clients and picking out colors.

Pet Hotel Owner

We had to of course finish on a high, and what could be a more fun career option for 2019 than opening up your own dog hotel in the local area for people to use when they go on holiday? A dog hotel is a very real thing and it can honestly be a wonderful career option for everyone in your family and even your friends too. Think about finding a great location with a large outdoor area for running around during the day, and then you can create bedrooms for each dog to enjoy during their stay. Keep it simple or really go all in, the choice is yours, it will be a life changing career choice which will keep you on your toes every day!

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