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How To Choose The Right Orthodontic Treatment

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Going through orthodontic treatment is something that can be done in both our teen years and our adult life, but often the fear of the dentist can prevent people from looking into any treatment options. Choosing orthodontic treatment at any stage in life is a huge decision as it is something that takes time and commitment. If you are considering orthodontic treatment but need some guidance, this article will hopefully provide you with some helpful advice. Read on to learn more and get started on your journey.

Book A Consultation

The first thing you will need to do to get the orthodontic treatment process started, is book a consultation with an orthodontist. You must choose a reputable orthodontist, and a great way to ensure they are good is by reading reviews. Reading Google reviews is an effective way to see how they treat their patients and if patients are happy with the results. Once you have chosen an orthodontist, book a consultation and have a chat with them about your smile concerns. 

There is no need to be nervous about the consultation, it will likely just be an informal chat to see what treatment options are best for you. Your orthodontist will also do an oral examination to determine the issues and what treatment can best align your teeth. You should come away from your consultation with a good understanding of treatment options, prices, and length of treatment. After this, you can then decide what treatment, if any, you want to go through with. 

Metal Braces

One of the most well-known orthodontic treatments is fixed metal braces. Metal braces have somewhat of a negative reputation as they can be being painful and a bit of a hassle. While this may be true for some people, others find metal braces to be the best option for them. The main competition to metal braces is clear aligners, and there is an ongoing conversation over which one is quicker – metal or clear braces. The length of treatment is ultimately dependent on your teeth and how severe the misalignment is. However, generally, metal braces do take longer and can be more restrictive than clear aligners. Both options will give you results, but you need to be prepared to maintain metal braces.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have become a popular option in the orthodontic industry, largely due to the easy nature of the treatment. Misalignment of teeth is a common concern worldwide, and a lot of adults are against metal braces due to their ‘teen-like’ appearance. Clear aligners are a great alternative as they give the patient much more freedom throughout the treatment. Whereas food is restricted with metal braces; clear aligners do not have that issue, and the wearer can just remove the aligners whenever they want to eat. If you are already anxious about going through orthodontic treatment, then clear aligners could be the best option for you as they are hardly visible and are less hassle than fixed metal braces.

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