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It’s Time to Move: How to Uproot and Move to a New State

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Did you know that close to 40 million people in the United States of America move each year? Making the decision that it is time to move often gets accompanied by a whirlwind of emotion as well as the stress that comes to moving to a different state. A move of any distance is a big deal and something that requires moving tips.

Making the move to a new state brings other challenges that you need to prepare for if you want the make moving out of state a breeze. Having a moving checklist is a great starting point, but you should also check out the area that you’re moving to before deciding that it is time to move there.

The good news is that you’re in the perfect place to learn more about what you need to do when it comes to relocation tips for your big move. Keep reading this article to learn more today!

Visit Your New Home

The first thing to do when you decide that it is time to move is to check out the area or the city that you’re moving out of state to. You won’t know if that area suits your interests and personality if you don’t spend some time there to get a feel for the place. Look at the different housing options in the area as well as the amenities and schools in the area.

If you know where you’ll be working then you should also drive your commuting routes to get a better idea of what your typical morning and afternoon will look like after you move to a new state.

Make a Budget

You also need to put together a budget for moving to a different state when you decide that the time has come to move. The main thing to budget for when it comes to making the move to a new state is the cost of your new home. You should also set money aside for a moving company if you want help with your move.

Hiring a moving company will take a large burden off of your shoulders, literally and figuratively. You should also set some money aside in case you encounter an emergency during your moving process.

Find Your New Home

The next step requires you to find your new home in the place that you’re planning on moving to. One of the best relocation tips that you can get is to find a home in an area that you enjoy and that is within your budget. With that being said, you shouldn’t rush into buying a home just to get that step out of the way.

You should look into getting a short-term rental if you want a place to live that will allow you to find the perfect place to call home. Working with a local real estate agent while you’re staying at your short-term rental is the most effective way of finding the place you’ve been dreaming of for you and your family.

Research Moving Companies

Now that you’ve found where you’ll be living and you have a clear idea of when the move-in date is, you should start looking at the best moving companies to work with for moving out of state. If you’re making a move across multiple states then you’ll want to make sure that you’re getting a quality moving company as they’ll have your things in their possession for a few days.

Consult with friends or family members that have made moves to new states and find out which moving companies they used. You can also go online and check out the online customer reviews for each of your moving company options. Find out what the company’s policy is regarding damaged or missing goods during the moving process before moving forward.

Make a Packing Plan

One of the top moving tips is making a packing plan to go with your moving checklist. Packing is one of the least enjoyable aspects of moving out of state, but you need to do this step if you want the rest of your move to go forward without incident. You will get the chance to go through all of your belongings and decide what is worth keeping and what is worth donating.

If you find old kitchen appliances that don’t get any use or clothes that you never wear then you should look at selling or donating these items. You’ll eventually narrow down your possessions to what you plan to take with you when it is time to move. It will also give you a clearer idea of how many moving boxes you’ll need in order to pack up all of your things.

You should also take the time to label the moving boxes once they’re packed so that you’ll have an easier time unpacking once you get to your new home. For extra security, label the boxes based on which room in the new home they’ll need to go to. That will keep the contents of the boxes a secret from anyone passing by that might be tempted to take those boxes off your hands.

Forward Your Mail

Many people forget this step, but it is vital when it is time to move to a new state. You need to remember to contact the post office to have your mail forwarded to your new address and transfer any important documents to your new residence. You can change your address on the United States Postal Service website, though your best bet is notifying everyone of your address change.

Cancel Your Utilities

Another important moving tip is to cancel your utilities and local subscriptions to services when you’re moving to a different state. Reach out to your utility providers and close your accounts with them. You’ll also need to open up accounts with the companies that provide utilities to your new residence in order to make sure that you have heat and electricity.

Make sure that you’re also able to sell your home before you close on the new residence, otherwise, you’ll find yourself paying two mortgages at the same time. If you find that you need to sell your home in a quick fashion then you should consider getting a 30 day cash offer for your old home.

Pack Your Essentials

You don’t want to pack everything that you own and need into boxes for the move, so make sure that you keep some essentials aside so that you have clothes to change into over the course of the moving process. Personal care supplies and extra changes of clothes for each member of your family are vital when you are moving out of state.

Hire a Move-Out Cleaner

One of the worst parts of leaving your old residence is the need to clean it so that it sells and is ready to go when the new resident closes and moves in. No matter how great you are at cleaning your home, the process of packing up your things and moving them out to the moving track is bound to cause some type of mess.

Save your energy and stress for the other aspects of your move by hiring a move-out cleaner to take care of these messes. They’ll give your old home a thorough cleaning and ensure that your old home is in great condition when you leave it for your new home. 

If you’re in Sun Prairie, WI and looking for a move out and in cleaning service, browse this site for more information.

Hand Your Old Keys Over

The next step is one where the reality of your move to a new state starts to sink in. You’ll need to hand over your keys to your home or building when you’re done moving out. They’ll either need to go to your landlord if you were renting or to the new owner that bought the home from you.

Handing over your keys is the last step in moving out of your old home and making the move to a new state and new home. Expect to become emotional with this step.

Establish Your New Home

Once you’ve traversed the distance between old home and new you’ll want to set about getting established in your new residence and making it your own. Look up whether your new state requires you to establish a domicile for tax reasons when you’re moving to a different state.

You’ll need to have bills sent to that new home in order to establish it as a domicile and become eligible to get a driver’s license in the state that you’ve moved to. You also need to start unpacking and setting up each room in your new home. That is the best way to make it feel like it really is your home.

Now You’re Prepared When It’s Time to Move

Choosing to move to a new state is a big move for many people, and you need to be prepared with your moving checklist when you decide that it is time to move. Make sure that you find a reputable moving company to work with and that you sell your home before you close on your new residence.

You’ll also want to label all of your moving boxes and donate or sell any belongings that you don’t need anymore. Most of all, make sure that you establish a domicile in your new home once you’ve finished moving to a different state.

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