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Print-eresting Facts! 5 reasons why print is making a comeback

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Printed materials are integral to our everyday lives – from notepads to greeting cards, newspapers to magazines, and even money. Print is making a comeback despite the significant rise in digital media, but why is this? Let us take a look at some print-eresting facts. 

  • Consumer preference 

Even with the rise in popularity of digital media channels, there are still consumers who stay loyal to print. To look at consumer preferences in more detail, let us take a look at a popular household staple – newspapers. 

It is true that a study by Ofcom revealed that most consumers (79%) in the UK get their news from TV, whereas only 32% get their news from printed newspapers. However, if we look specifically at the comparison between digital and printed newspapers, most people over 35 still prefer reading printed newspapers

In fact, the popularity of digital newspapers declines proportionately as age increases, with only 11% of people over 65 reading any digital newspapers. Thus, it is clear that many consumers still prefer physical, printed materials over their digital counterparts.

  • Technological advancements 

The rise in technological advancements may on the surface seem like the downfall of print. However, technological advancements aren’t limited to the internet – there has been significant innovation in the quality and automation of print machinery. 

Print items can be designed and edited on computer software, wirelessly sent to print, and then copied using a  digital duplicator machine. There is also machinery that can fold, bind, cut, and finish your prints before distribution. Put simply, print marketing and printed products are now easier to design and manufacture than ever before. 

  • Higher return on investment

Despite digital advertising growing in popularity in our technological age, print materials still offer unique and exciting opportunities for marketers. Print advertising has a higher ROI than its digital counterparts, meaning that it is a more cost effective option for businesses. 

The highest ROI across all printed and digital materials is catalogues and flyers at 62%. Personalized direct mail also offers a high ROI at 29%, higher than email, social media, and online advertising.

  • Frustration with digital advertising 

We have all been there – you are trying to read something online and what seems like an infinite amount of adverts keep popping up! Adverts on web pages, videos, and social media can become incredibly frustrating, disrupting you from the task at hand. 

However, print can allow you to cut through the noise and deliver a message that can be consumed whenever the reader is free. In this sense, print is perceived as less intrusive and annoying than digital ads. 

  • Better understanding of a brand message 

And finally, a lot of consumers believe that reading something in print form allows them to better understand the content. This gives you the opportunity to build a relationship with consumers, as they will be able to deeper understand your brand, its values, and the message you are putting out there. 

Overall, it is clear to see that, even in the digital age, print is still relevant. Not only this, but it is arguably the most effective way to reach audiences in a meaningful way – and this is why print is making a comeback.


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