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Should You Consider Moving To A Gated Community In Tennessee?

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Tennessee, the land of live country music and even livelier people is one of the best places to live in the United States. Tennessee is one of the “goldilocks” states of America, where it doesn’t get too hot or cold, it has been rated as one of the best states to live in multiple times. According to Insider, Nashville, the state capital of Tennessee, holds the 15th most livable place in the United States.

If you are looking for a safe and friendly community to move in with your family, Tennessee has some of the best-gated communities in the country. Gated Communities are great, especially if you have children. If you wish to live in a closely-knit community, these can provide you with a secure environment where you can live harmoniously with like-minded people.

Why Live In A Gated Community in Tennessee?

Gated or Walled communities are residential communities that are surrounded by boundary walls. The gates of such communities are strictly watched, to ward off any unnecessary visitors, and keep the area within the walls safe.

Gated communities have some shared amenities, that the people within the community can enjoy. They might have a park, gym, etc., within the boundary walls so that the people who live there don’t have to travel far to enjoy these amenities.

There are many perks of living in a gated community. Here are a few notable ones that might make you consider living in a Tennessee gated community:

Tight Security

Despite all the amazing aspects of living in Tennessee, one issue that exists is the state’s crime rate. The security issue can make this charming state less desirable for a move. But, where else will you get such lovely weather and a high-quality education system? So, if you wish to move to Tennessee but want to live in a secure environment, moving to a gated community is your best option.

Tennessee has many gated communities all over the state. So, whether you want to move somewhere known places like Smyrna TN or obscure like Cosby, you are bound to find some options. These housing estates have only a few entrances that keep out unwanted visitors. Some have security guards, fobs, keypads, CCTV cameras, or a combination of all these to provide a fully secure environment for the residents.

Upscale Amenities

If you are living in a gated community, you are bound to get at least some convenient amenities that are readily available. Especially, in a luxury housing estate, you will find many upscale amenities that are only a walk away. Most luxury gated housings come with a large public pool, a park, playground for kids, basketball court, etc. Some will even have clubhouses, community halls, tennis courts, and even movie theaters!


Having high-quality amenities nearby means that you can enjoy them without having to commute. People have such busy schedules that a daily trip to the gym or a game of tennis might be difficult. If it is right around the corner and close to your home, you will get to enjoy a recreational activity even with a hectic schedule.

Greener Living

A top reason why you will want to move to Tennessee is the weather. However, it is difficult to be outside and enjoy the weather while living in a crowded city or a barren suburb.


Most of the gated communities in Tennessee are super green! They have plenty of trees, shrubs, and other vegetation, which means the air you breathe would be fresh and healthy. Whether it is your backyard or the community park, you will get to enjoy the weather while hanging out, or playing games outdoors.


Whether it is for your health or that you simply enjoy nature, you will love to live in a green gated community. Many new gated communities have become environmentally conscious meaning that they are using eco-friendly technology like solar panels or strictly practice recycling. If you have children, they will learn, grow and thrive in such nature-loving communities.

Safe Haven For Children

There are certain things people look for while buying a house, especially when they have children. Having a big enough backyard, a park nearby, a swimming pool, etc., are some of the amenities they look for. However, the most important thing that a parent looks for is security. Will your children be safe in the community you move to? Will they be able to play around with friends or walk to the park safely?


If you are looking for a neighborhood where your children will stay safe and have plenty of other children to play with, gated communities in Tennessee are your best option. So, even if you are not home, or by your child’s side 24/7, you will know that they are safe within the boundaries of the walled community.

No Noise

Living in any big city means traffic sounds are unavoidable. Even in an open neighborhood, you will have to deal with a constant flow of traffic. However, in a gated community, noise is mostly a nonissue.


As the gates are always closed, and almost no outsiders are allowed inside, traffic is never a problem. With no cars and other vehicles passing by, the sound pollution remains drastically low.


There are many perks of living in a noise-free environment. Birds and other living creatures will have a safe habitat to thrive in, as noise tends to drive them away. You will get to hear the chirping of birds or the chatter of wild animals like squirrels. You can enjoy things like reading a book outdoors without mechanical noise bothering you. You will get to live in a noise-free environment and enjoy a peaceful and serene life.

Sense of Community

We will love to live in an ideal world where “love thy neighbor” is easier said than practiced. In most neighborhoods, loving thy neighbor can be near impossible. This is because most people have lost their sense of community and even the tiniest of issues get people irritated. This is what sets gated communities apart.


People in Tennessee are warm, charming, and friendly, which makes getting along with neighbors even easier. In walled housing estates, people live in a close-knitted community, enjoy going to the gym or visiting the park and exchanging greetings with their neighbors. Their children play and grow up together. They get to be a part of a community and feel a sense of belonging, which is an unparalleled experience when it comes to living in a gated community.

Final Thoughts

If you wish to live in Tennessee, you must consider living in a gated community. Walled communities are great for families, especially if you want to live in a healthy, social environment. Your family will get to live in a secure place, where the air is fresh, and you are surrounded by greenery. You will enjoy the best amenities and live in a warm community.

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