Surfing Tricks Every Surfer Should Know

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Surfers progress to more intricate and advanced wave riding movements after mastering the fundamentals of surfing: paddling, duck diving, popping up, and trimming.

Surfing tricks are available for all levels of ability. However, without understanding how to bottom turn and manage the wave line, a surfer cannot proceed into intermediate phases.

So, before you consider getting barreled at Pipeline, perfect and develop your fundamental surfing abilities, learn to read the waves, practice your footwork, and watch others land or complete the most complex techniques.

The majority of surf movements can be done both frontside and backside, that is, while surfers are facing the wave and when they are facing away from it.

Investigate and experiment with both ancient and modern techniques;

Tricks for Beginner Surfer

Bottom Turn

Surfing’s most crucial maneuver is the bottom turn.

It is the first turn on a wave after you drop in, and it allows you to channel your speed and momentum into the open face ahead of you. For many, it is the cornerstone of surfing since it is the first turn on a wave after you drop in.

The bottom line is reached when the bottom turn is reached. It’s the starting point of it all.


In open areas of the waves, carving lets you adjust your path and direction. Carving involves putting your weight and strength on the rail of the surfboard.

To put it another way, you bury the rail in the water, make an arc, and curl.

Carve 360 is an example of a variation.


In surfing, the cutback is a crucial move. It enables you to slow down for a good reason.

The action repositions the surfer in the energy zone and moves him back from the shoulder into the pocket of the wave.

Variations: Cutback on the Layback

Tricks for Intermediate Surfer


A snap, also known as a slash, occurs when the wave’s direction changes dramatically in the pocket or at the crest of the wave.

It generates beautiful, dazzling buckets of spray over the surfer when executed abruptly.

Layback Snap is a variation.

Roundhouse Cutback

The roundhouse cutback is one of the most popular and attractive surfing moves.

It’s commonly done in tiny waves with the little wall, and it allows the surfer to return to the curl with a figure-8 surf line, obtaining maximum speed and amplitude off the top.


The off-the-lip is a vertical top turn in which a surfer assaults a steep slope, projects half of his board off the wave’s lip, and then pushes it drastically down towards the wave’s bottom while maintaining momentum.

Click to learn about how to achieve a balanced stance to master yourself like a pro because the stance is one of the crucial movements in surfing.

Foam Climb

The surfer can use the foam climb to get through a broken lip, closed-out area, or whitewater that separates two open face sections of the wave.


The floater s a classic surf trick and involves gliding horizontally over the wave’s lip or foamy section about to break.

The surfer uses speed to go over the top of a crumbling area of the wave and not around it.


It’s the ultimate longboard surfing maneuver when the surfer rides a wave while standing on the nose of the board.

Hang Five, Hang Ten, and other variations are available.


The 360 is a full rotation on the face of the wave. It can be performed either by reversing or carving. In both cases, the surfer spins down the wave.

Variations: Reverse 360


The kickflip is a skateboarding-inspired trick in which the surfer flips his surfboard 360 degrees along an axis running from the nose to the tail.

Zoltan Torkos was the first to carry it out.

Tricks for Advanced Surfer

Tube Ride

This is the ultimate surfing maneuver. The barrel ride is the mother of all surfing tricks, and the most thrilling moment a surfer will ever have.

It entails riding the hollow section of the wave, which is completely enclosed by the curl’s lip. Tubular waves that are perfectly formed are quite unusual.


Air is a surfing move in which the surfer accelerates, locates a ramp, launches off the lip, flies above the wave, and lands on the wave’s face or in the flats.

Air 360, Air Reverse, Backflip, 540, and 720 are some of the variations.


The alley-opp is a skateboarding-inspired backward aerial spin.


Superman is an aerial technique in which a surfer propels his surfboard down the line, then rises, kicks the board, projects it to the shore, grabs the rail, and reconnects before landing. The alley-opp is a skateboard-inspired backward aerial rotation.

Kerrupt Flip

A kerrupt flip is a full rotation alley-oop, combined with a mute and stalefish grab. It was first performed by Josh Kerr.

Sushi Roll

The sushi roll is a combination of a superman and a rodeo flip. Julian Wilson was the first to accomplish it.

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