The best musical films that we all know and love

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You really cannot beat a musical film. The novelty of singing along to tracks within a film is really the best bit, alongside watching our favorite bold and quirky characters on our TV screen. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to watch a great musical on live TV. That’s with a functioning TV aerial of course! Click here for TV aerial installation. However, let’s cut to the chase and dive into some of the best musical films to date. 


You really cannot beat watching the much-loved musical Hairspray. Featuring an iconic cast, including John Travolta, Zac Efron, Nikki Blonsky, Amanda Bynes, Queen Latifah, and wow, the list truly does go on, it is no surprise why this 2007, but set in the 60s, favorite is still a massive hit. Not only are the songs extremely quirky and catchy, however, the film covers other aspects such as inequality and diversity with regards to a variety of topics, but more predominantly racial inequality in the 1960s. Turn Hairspray on today and get ready to scream from the top of your lungs, “Good morning Baltimore” as this certainly is a feel-good piece of entertainment.


When summer lovers Danny and Sandy conclude their summer romance on the beach, they know that they won’t see each other again as she must return to Australia with her parents. Following a change of plans, she ends up staying and enrolls at Rydell High School, which umm, appears to be the same school as Danny. But is their romance on the rocks? Or is Sandy the one who Danny wants (no pun intended)? Catch favorite performances such as “Grease Lightnin’” by the T birds and “Look at Me I’m Sandra Dee” by the Pink Lady’s in this quirky 1970s classic, you may even find yourself dancing along and uh, hand jiving, as they call it! 


As one of the best musical films of all time, Frozen is also one of Disney’s biggest favorites! When princess Annas’ sister, Elsa, accidentally uses her powers by turning their surroundings into ice, an infinite winter begins. However, it is now up to Anna, her boyfriend, a playful reindeer and everyone’s favorite snowman Olaf, to find princess Elsa and save their home. With classics like “Let it Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman”, you will be sure to find yourself singing along with this Disney masterpiece. Fun fact: this film is even more magical to watch with young children! 

High School Musical  

Let’s take ourselves back to the year 2006, also known as the year of the High School Musical phenomenon. If you were a kid or teenager back in this era, we’re sure the sense of nostalgia has rushed back to you upon hearing that. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be Troy or Gabriella, or even Sharpay if you were a sassy kid! The soundtrack to this musical has got to be one of the most elite in history, or so we think so anyway! With hits like “Get’cha Head in the Game”, “Bop to the Top”, and “Breaking Free”, “We’re All in this Together” to turn the TV on and select play on High School Musical, trust us, you will not regret it! 

Mamma Mia! 

Greece is always a beautiful location for a film to take place, especially a musical romantic comedy, oh, and especially if it features nothing but Abba hits! Calling all Abba lovers, this is the musical for you! Starring Amanda Seyfried, as Sophie, a bride-to-be, and her mother Donna, portrayed by Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia takes viewers on a musical journey as Sophie attempts to find her real dad to walk her down the aisle on her big day. She locates three potential possibilities upon reading her mother’s diary as this whimsical musical takes us through Abba song, after Abba song, on her mission to find her biological father. Get the microphone out, this is one of the best musical films of the 2000s, and it will certainly get you on your feet! 

The Lion King 

Ok, we did have to throw another older classic into the mix, but The Lion King is simply timeless, and no, this film is not only for kids! It is well-loved by many and its soundtrack can be recognized worldwide, and not to mention, young Simba must be one of Disney’s most loved characters! With hits such as, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”, and “Circle of Life”, this much-loved Disney film is sure to entertain. Oh, and how could we forget about Timon, Pumba, and Simba’s heartwarming performance of “Hakuna Matata.” This film really does provide us with no worries when we are engrossed in Disney Magic!  


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