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Top Time-Saving Tips for Busy Entrepreneurs

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Running a small business can be stressful. Many entrepreneurs experience extreme levels of stress as they try to juggle many different roles. Being responsible for a business is stressful, but when that stress escalates and becomes chronic, it can put your health at risk. So, reducing stress is essential.

One of the main causes of stress for entrepreneurs is a lack of time. With so many tasks to perform and so many different things to think about, it can feel like there is not enough time in each day to get everything done. If you feel the pressure of being an entrepreneur and are looking for some time-saving solutions to make your work life easier, these tips should help you make that happen.

Use Technology Wherever You Can

Technology is a valuable asset when trying to save time and pack more into your working day. There are many apps, time blocking template and software programs available specifically designed to aid productivity and make business processes so much easier. But, to get the most from the different options available, it is useful first to consider where you need the most help. Focusing on the tasks that you find the most time-consuming and then looking for software solutions that can help is a great way to save yourself time and boost your productivity. 

If you find it challenging to keep up with making payments to suppliers and managing their invoices, choosing an automated system to optimize payments will help you ensure your suppliers get paid on time and by the correct method. This practical help from technology can be invaluable and save you a significant amount of time and effort.

Seek Help for Time-Consuming Tasks

While using technology is helpful to tackle some time-consuming tasks, unfortunately, some of your most laborious tasks may not have a software solution available to help. For these tasks, you may want to take an alternative approach to protect your time. 

Many entrepreneurs become so used to completing every task themselves that they find it challenging to let go of some jobs and let their employees cover them. If you are finding your time increasingly spent on time-consuming tasks that are getting in the way of your other work, you may want to start delegating. Letting go of the need to do everything yourself and passing some tasks on may feel odd at first. But when you notice how much difference it makes to your productivity levels, you are likely to want to continue.

Try the Ivy Lee Method

The Ivy Lee Method may be over a century old, but it is still an excellent way to boost productivity. Using the Ivy Lee Productivity Method involved writing down six tasks that you need to complete the next day. The tasks should be written in order of importance. Writing the list of tasks the night before ensures that you wake up knowing which tasks you need to complete and don’t waste time deciding what to do. To follow the method, you will need to place your tasks in order of priority and work through them keeping your attention focused. You then need to work on one task at a time, starting with the most important. You cannot begin another job until the previous ones are complete. This method focuses your mind and provides the structure needed to use your time efficiently.

Actively Avoid Distractions

Do you ever find yourself getting somewhere with a tricky piece of work, only for the phone to ring, an email alert to pop up, or someone wandering into your office to speak with you? If so, you have probably noticed how your concentration and train of thought immediately vanish following the interruption, and it takes time for your brain to regain its focus on the task. Being interrupted or distracted when you are busy is frustrating and can disrupt the entire day’s work. So, finding ways to avoid these distractions and remain focused on your task is essential to use your time efficiently. 

To avoid distractions, you could try putting an out of office on your email to let people know you won’t be able to reply quickly today. It is also helpful to set aside a specific time slot that you can dedicate to responding to emails and returning telephone calls during the day. When you focus on emails and calls, they should take up far less of your time than if you constantly stop what you are doing and respond immediately throughout the day.

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