Top Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Expensive European Car

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German auto manufacturers are well known for making some of the most powerful, well-engineered, and reliable vehicles in the world. However, these vehicles are designed for the European climate and require high-quality parts and skilled maintenance to keep them in top running order. With proper care, these cars can easily last you decades, but the problems start to arise when you take them out of their natural habitat and don’t give them the essentials that they need to live a happy life. Here are some of the main things you should keep an eye out for to keep your German machine purring.


After engine oil, the fluid that your engine interacts with the most is the fuel you use in your vehicle. Modern German vehicles with advanced engines and turbo-charging setups require the driver to pay more attention to the fuel they use. Specifically, you need to know the right octane rating that you need for your car. Petrol is available in a variety of grades and getting the highest rating might not be the best option. If the fuel is too high or too low in octane, this will negatively impact performance, the overall health of the engine, and the longevity of this critical component. The engine is a central component of the car, and if the engine isn’t performing well it can impact other components including the electrical system.


The battery and the alternator are responsible for the electricity in your car. Electricity is needed to do everything from starting power for ignition to running your stereo system. However, modern vehicles are fitted with a lot of electrical components and many of these are for the comfort or the safety of the passengers. German carmakers often use more than one battery, or they place the battery in the trunk. If you want to properly care for your Mercedes-Benz, start by checking the battery and making sure it is providing the appropriate voltage. As batteries deteriorate they will still provide current, but it may not always be as high as it should be. This fluctuation in voltage damages the electrical components that the current flows to. Use a good quality dry battery and make it part of your periodic maintenance to check battery health.


Tires are another very important part of the vehicle, and having poor tires significantly reduces the safety of the vehicle. Tires are also directly connected to the suspension system and the drivetrain and weak tires could compromise these connected systems as well. Especially if you are driving an all-wheel-drive vehicle, you need to know when to replace tires before you run into major problems. The wear and tear on your tire is one indicator but you also need to examine the health of the rubber on the tire. Similarly, make sure the tires are properly aligned and inflated, and that they are not facing excessive stress.

Mechanical care of your car is paramount, but taking care of the body and making sure it looks as good as it did the day it rolled off the production line is also important. Whenever you wash or polish your car, make sure you use a microfiber cloth or a soft cotton cloth so you don’t scratch or scrub the paint. Using quality polish will help seal the surface and protect it from sunlight and all kinds of contaminants in the environment.







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