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Useful Tips For Choosing The Right Earring For You

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Earrings play a huge role in bringing your entire outfit together, so choosing the right ones is essential for looking your best. Not only that, but depending on the occasion, these must-have accessories can really make your personality shine through. Yet, settling on the proper pair can be challenging with the broad range of shapes, materials, and colors you’ll find on the market. Here are some useful tips on finding the perfect pair of earrings that will highlight your best features.

Start with Your Personality

As a general rule of thumb, your earrings should match your personality. This will make it much easier to pair them with your outfit too. For instance, rounded designs will be perfect for someone who likes professional, classical clothing styles. Whereas geometric design is better suited for someone who prefers to go with the romantic, boho-chic vibes.

Consider the Occasion

The occasion you’ll be wearing the earrings for is just as crucial. Picking the basics that match your everyday outfits and that follow your typical style shouldn’t require much work. When choosing jewelry for an occasion with a more formal dress code, there’ll be several other factors to consider. Dressier events demand elegant, complementary jewelry, whereas, for a night out with your friends, you’ll probably get away with a semi-casual design.

Look at Your Face Shape

Take a close look at your face shape and choose earrings that’ll balance out your features. Here’s a reliable guide to help you complement your facial structure with the right earring design::

  • Oval-shaped face: The lucky shape is suitable for all types of accessories. You can take away the attention from your wide cheekbones with a wider dangling pair of earrings.
  • Round face: Shorter features with wide-set cheekbones. Geometric shapes will make your features seem longer and narrower.
  • Square face shape: A face with uniformly set features. Elongated or intricately designed hoop earrings will help soften the harsh angles of your face. They also leave more room for mixing and matching.
  • Heart-shaped face: It’s characterized by low sitting cheeks and a wide forehead. Long, elegant lines can highlight the entire face without placing too much attention on any part.
  • Narrow face: Similar to a square shape, except with more elongated features. Teardrop accessories will draw attention to your cheeks, making your face seem more proportionate.

Match it to Your Hair Length and Color

Those with shorter hair can opt for either long or short earrings, depending on the overall style and occasion. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with an elongated design shining through your long hair either. 

Cool-toned metals and gems will go well with darker hair, while warm tones are more suitable for lighter hair. If you are somewhere in the middle or perhaps have vivid red hair, you can play to your other features, including your skin tone and eye color.

Complement Your Skin and Eye Color

More than your hair color, your skin tone can determine which materials and colors are suitable for you. If you have blue or green eyes and a cool skin tone, with blue or pink undertones, silver earrings should be your statement pieces. If your eyes are hazel or brown and your skin has a warm, peachy, or yellowish undertone, both copper and gold will look amazing on you.

While various occasions inspire different selections, your earrings should always reflect your personal style. Coordinating your accessories with your outfit is always a great idea, but you shouldn’t forget about the other rules. When in doubt, just opt for a simple earring that perfectly accents your features, and you will be able to combine it with any outfit you like.


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