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What Makes For A Good Reward For Your Employees?

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If you want to better motivate the members of your team, see them invest their energy into the company, and help them collaborate more effectively, then they need to feel like the work they are putting in is being seen and appreciated. Rewarding your team can be an excellent way to do just that, but what makes for a good reward? Here, we’re going to look at some of the elements of a good reward so you can choose those that suit your team and culture best.

Monetary value

It might seem like a relatively simple answer, but it is the most effective. If you want your team to feel better appreciated, then better compensating them can be a very communicable way of doing just that. This can involve cash, gift vouchers, or even just a reward that has a tangible worth to it. A benefits package can be a really effective way to incentivise your workers to make sure that they are able to stand out, as well.

Direct recognition and appreciation

When you can’t give them something of monetary value, then make it clear that they are being seen, recognized, and celebrated as individuals for the work that they have put in. Some teams will wait for a part of the year to give out awards for achievement in the workplace, but with the right certificate templates, you can print out your own form of recognition for them. Knowing that their efforts are being recognized and platformed can help your employees see that they are not being taken for granted, which is crucial when it comes to vital workplace management skills such as retention.

A little time

If you don’t have the budget to invest in getting them a reward that costs money, but you still want them to feel like they’re getting something valuable, then offering them some options in terms of their work time can do a lot of good. An extra vacation day is naturally going to be the best option that you can offer, but double time can be just as effective. Although they’re starting to become expected more as a standard feature of the modern workplace, allowing for some flexibility in their work, such as work from home arrangement, can be a great motivator, too.

Rewarding the whole team

If the whole team has pulled together to meet an important goal for the business, then it’s important to make sure that everyone gets recognized and rewarded. Throwing a party in the office, whether it’s by having a meal brought in, a pizza delivered, or even by taking everyone out for a nice lunch or dinner, can be very effective. What’s more, it also encourages your team to spend a little more time together socially, which can help them collaborate much better, too.

That you should be rewarding team members who go above and beyond is a settled question. What you reward them with, you have some flexibility over. Hopefully, the suggestions above help you find some options worth considering.


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