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You Can Bet Your Bottom Dollar Your Business Is Missing Out On These Services

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Firms aren’t always good at figuring out what they need to operate effectively. Many use methods that have been passed down to them from their predecessors instead of going out into the marketplace and looking for new tools. 

The opportunity cost of this approach is tremendous. Brands that neglect to use all the services available impede their competitive advantage and allow other firms to take pride of place ahead of them. 

Here, we take a look at some of the services your business is almost certainly missing out on: 

Onboarding Services

If you think that onboarding is something that you need to do in-house, then think again. That hasn’t been true for a long time. These days, it’s something that you can readily outsource, just like practically everything else. 

Why does hiring onboarding services help? Easy: it frees up your internal resources and means that you don’t have to take existing staff away from their duties to manage new employees. 

Lead-Generating Services

Old-school entrepreneurs believe that it’s their responsibility to go out into the marketplace with a proverbial megaphone and shout about the value they offer. While that was true in the 1980s, the world has moved on considerably. Now gaining leads is a data-driven operation, something that you can manage through services like Hubspot. These take care of things like email automation, blogging, and SEO, all through a single, helpful portal. 

Tax Planning Services

While you probably have an accountant to look after the books, it’s also critical to use tax planning services. The reason is simple: these allow you to figure out how much you’ll need to pay in fees to the government over a given time-frame, instead of leaving you guessing. 

There are actually many different aspects that you need to consider. For instance, you might be able to claw back money via R&D tax credits, or you may need to plan out both state and local taxes, depending on where you operate. You might also need to plan for big tax expenses arriving in the future, particularly international and multi-state taxes. Tax planning allows you to do this. 

Feedback Services

Part of running a successful business is knowing whether you’re meeting and exceeding your customers’ needs. It’s critical to find out whether you are going down the right path or not.

Fortunately, today, there are many easy-to-use feedback software services on the market, such as Survey Monkey. These let you quickly send out thousands of survey questionnaires, asking customers whether they enjoyed your services or not. Tools are suitable for both small and large campaigns. 

Online Learning Services

Lastly, your business’s bottom line will suffer if you don’t make effective use of online learning services. Both you and your colleagues should be constantly learning new things that could potentially make your business better. 

Today, there are thousands of courses available online. You don’t need to go to a traditional educational provider any more. Instead, you can drip-feed your team with learning every day so that they become more capable and competent over time. 


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