4 Lessons We Can All Benefit From As We Add a New Digit to Our Age

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We all constantly feel that becoming a better version of ourselves is about escaping weakness. Anybody entering a new year or adding a new decade to their clock may feel that getting older means you are slowly substituting the best version of yourself for someone completely inferior. But there are so many things that we’ve got to remember as we enter a new decade. 

Stop Caring About What Everyone Else Thinks

Regrets are terrible things to have. When we feel that we’ve got to conform to what other people want from us, we’re only going to regret not doing more of what we wanted. Sometimes, it can be little things, such as style. Constantly agonizing over every little look in your twenties or your thirties is going to get the better of you now. The fact is that you can go now and invest in clothes that make you feel like the best version of yourself- your style is your choice. Caring about what everybody else thinks is an absolute waste of space in your cranium! You don’t have to sacrifice yourself for others, and you should not. Some people may call you selfish along the way, but it is your life. In these moments, you’ve also got to remember that there is the old adage of putting the oxygen mask on before you start helping others. Rather than being selfish about yourself, think about the things that will actually make you a better version of yourself so you can help others. This could be done with certain things that help your self-image or could be deeper things, such as your career choice or how you prioritize self-care. 

Life Doesn’t Have a Formula

Life is not how it plays out on Instagram. We all know this, but we can’t help but be dazzled by the newsfeed. We look at what other people have and we immediately get jealous or think they are living a better life. Life is good and great, but it can also be bad. Understanding how we choose to do the things in our lives is more important than what we do. People put a great deal of pressure on themselves to find the perfect career by the time they are 25. But what happens after that? They are going to be coasting until retirement, bored, or find themselves wanting to change careers in ten years. While a lot of people change their careers a handful of times in their lives, you have to remember that your career is not going to define who you are. When we think that we’ve got to work to live, this realization is an incredibly depressing one. It might be better for you to understand how you can live a better life by potentially earning a little bit less so you can give the best of yourself to everybody you care about. 

You Can’t Run From Your Past

As we enter a new year or decade, we think that we can give ourselves a complete makeover. One of the big mistakes people make is that they try to completely eradicate the past version of themselves. Some people are going to think you’re exactly the same as you were when you were a child, especially your parents! But if you can remember that part of growing up is about looking back and understanding that the person that you were is in the past, you can forgive yourself and move forward. Sometimes, we run away from things that happened, but like any good counselor, they will help you understand what you can let go of and what the best things are that you can take with you. 

Health Is Even More Important

Many of us like a drink to unwind, but we’ve got to remember that these things are about enjoyment in moderation. Everything can be amazing, as long as we have the mindset to remember that these things are about moderation. Learning how to get that willpower so we don’t have to rely on vices all of the time can be beneficial for our frame of mind. If you are prone to eating a lot of sugar, you may see how it impacts you when you go without it for so long. The fact is that many of us can’t avoid something like sugar all the time but there are benefits to something like fasting which can help you to enjoy the things you like in moderation. It’s not necessarily about depriving yourself. 

Entering a new decade makes you think about what you’ve done up to this point. But the fact is that you’ve got the rest of your life to make changes to become the most ideal version of yourself. Rather than aiming for perfection, remember that how you evolve is about perpetuity. Always strive for your personal growth.


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