4 Scrabble Strategies That Will Revolutionize The Way You Play

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Scrabble has been a well-loved word game for many years. It can be hard to resist this enticing crossword. That being said, it can be highly frustrating when you are left with a bunch of letters and no word combinations. Suddenly, you can start sliding down the leader board very quickly. 

To revolutionize the way you play Scrabble, there are several strategies that you can utilize. Take a look at four of them below. 

Save High Scoring Letters For Bonus Tiles

Bonus tiles can really boost your score. Not only can you double your score, but you can also double and triple the value of letters. Therefore, you want to try and save high-scoring letters for these bonus tiles. Be wary of the letter “Q”. This is a hefty ten-pointer, and if you don’t use it early, you could struggle to use it later in the game. Take a look at some high-scoring Scrabble words using the internet. It will give you some well-needed inspiration to help you score mega points. 

Use A Scrabble Cheat To Identity New Words

A scrabble cheat can be a useful tool. Of course, you don’t want to use this during a game. It certainly won’t get a great reception from your components! However, it is something that you can use in between games for research purposes. Take a look at this Scrabble cheat from Scrabble Solver. It allows you to input up to 12 letters. After you have done this, the scrabble cheat will generate possible words that you can make. A tool like this can teach you new words that you may never have known existed. It can certainly be a valuable strategy to help you boost your score in future games. 

Research 2 And 3 Letter Words

Two-letter and three-letter words may not sound like high scorers. However, they can certainly help you win a game as it draws to a close. Towards the end of the game, all players will be trying to get rid of all their letters. However, this is where some begin to stumble. Without knowledge of two and three-letter words, it can become very difficult to get rid of your last few tiles. Therefore, if you put the research in beforehand, this could help you claim a mighty victory against your fellow players. Some two and three-letter words can score you high points if you place them on bonus squares. 

Familiarize Yourself With Prefixes And Suffixes

If you want to enjoy a winning streak of Scrabble, it’s time to get familiar with prefixes and suffixes. By doing this, you will be able to extend words that your opponents have already come up with. Take a look at some common examples of prefixes and suffixes. You will notice ones like –ER, -FUL, and –ITY. These can become very useful. For example, imagine your opponent has placed the word “equal” on the board. If you add the suffix “ITY” to it, you have made the word equality. An eight-letter word that only used three of your letters. It is a simple strategy but one that can help you reach great success.

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