4 Ways How Modern Animation is Reshaping the World of Digital Entertainment

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Animation has had a long history, with many techniques taking shape and being refined continuously throughout the span of decades, since the official start of the moving image industry. Hand-drawn animation, stop-motion, and the various approaches to this particular art form each possess unique and highly specific qualities, as well as their own thought processes. 

Different forms of animation draw from different skill sets, and some artists are better at some forms of animation than others. This is especially true of modern animation, which is proving to be tremendously impactful in the world of digital entertainment, especially within the online sphere. Here are four key ways in which the effects of modern animation can be felt and observed within the cultural realm.


  • Motion Graphics and Branding


For people who have their own podcast, or artists cultivating a presence via Patreon and the like, motion graphics, in particular, have had a huge impact on branding, especially when it comes to content creators. More and more artists, their reps, and even companies are using motion design on the web. Singapore in particular is really ahead of the game when it comes to motion graphics and branding. This is why it’s definitely worth considering seeking out a Singapore motion graphics company that is well known because they’ll be able to give you great advice on the topic. Professionals that specialize in this field have insight that will go a long way to revamp the image of your brand. 


  • Education Tools


Different modern animation techniques, particularly motion graphics, are engaging and make different ideas or sensibilities accessible to the general public. For this reason, they have had a remarkable influence on education, since most digital entertainment – YouTube playlists, the work of independent content creators, etc. – are made using this technology. This kind of animation is seen as a trustworthy way of imparting knowledge while adding a good dose of fun into the mix, thereby making educational programs far brighter and much more engaging than the tools of yore.


  • Stem Fields


Modern animation techniques are used in developing plans, storyboarding major motion picture films, or even for something completely unrelated as helping urban planners to predict outcomes in daily life. These digital molding techniques employ a complex level of animation that are incredibly useful in various fields across the board, including forensics, aviation, biology, and of course, television programming as well as cinema. 


  • Video Games


Video games have come a long way, and they are now widely recognized to be an art form unto themselves, with impressive graphics, dynamic storylines, and lots of A-list actors throwing their voicing skills into the ring. This innovation is due in large part to the advancement of modern animation techniques, which have shaped the visual language of video games tremendously in the past two decades. Each console and developer employs their own specific style, which helps guide the narration. Video games are now both incredibly lifelike, entertaining, and beautifully rendered, and they have proven to be quite impactful in the world of digital entertainment at large.

Animation, particularly motion graphics, has and will continue to reshape and revolutionize digital entertainment for many years to come. Digital entertainment is no longer the same, and everyone is benefiting mightily from these incredible developments that are now expanding both our visual vocabulary and cultural fabric.

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