5 Questions to Ask an Online Toy Distributor

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The inventory must always be stocked up for an e-commerce business to thrive and grow. Online distributors have a more extensive reach when compared to a wholesaler alone.

While looking for toy distributors, it is critical to consider their market position and how they conduct their business. These online distributors act as middlemen between the manufacturers and businesses to resell the goods.

Since it is a challenge for the manufacturers to reach every customer, the distributors exclusively sell and resell the goods in varied locations.

As there are tons of online distributors available in the market today, whom do you choose for your toy requirements?

Also known as the channel partners, here are a few questions you must ask a toy distributor before investing in them.


  • What Are Their Customer Experience Procedures?


While dealing with an online distributor, it is crucial to check their efforts to keep their customers satisfied and happy.

To that end, make sure that the seller responds to messages and emails within a 24-hours window. If your products are delivered in poor condition, then the distributors should be able to rectify them immediately as it can affect your business sales.


  • What Is the Lead Time for Delivery?


Another factor to consider is the amount of time the distributors take to deliver your collection of toys. Being a business owner, you would know that time is money.

Getting to know an estimate on the delivery will help you manage the customer demands and expectations. If the toy distributors have an inconsistent delivery time, you will have prolonged delays and insufficient inventory.


  • What Are the Terms of Agreements of the Distributor?


Knowing the terms of the reseller agreement will ease your process of purchasing goods from a toy distributor. For instance, the contract should include details that let you return or cancel products if the quality is not up to the mark.

Moreover, if any issue arises with an order from the distributor, you should not end up bearing the cost of the bulk. Thus, make sure these terms are included in the agreement.

A good and reputable distributor will let you go through the terms and also offer you the option of a return policy if their service is not up to the mark. By this, you will be able to make an informed decision.


  • Is There an Option to Try the Sample?


Once you narrow down on a few wholesale distributors, you must inquire about the option of trying samples. Trying samples of the bulk of goods will help you assess the quality of different toys before you purchase.

Online distributors known to provide premium services will let you try the products before you place an order.

  1. What Is the Range of Products Available?

Once you inquire about the cost and policies, the next question should be about their product catalog. Being a toy retailer, you must have a collection of modern and tech-savvy toys that meet the kids’ interests today. 

An excellent online distributor will be able to offer you from stuffed animals to remote-controlled toys to brain teasers like puzzles.

Wrapping Up

Online distributors can be a significant boon for your toy business if you want to get hold of a variety of products at attractive prices.

By evaluating the above questions to your distributor, you will be able to finalize one to go ahead for your business.

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