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5 Ways Commercial Lighting Control Systems Benefit Your Business

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Lighting is an important part if any commercial building. Without a proper plan, the cost to maintain the system can be quite high. But with the right commercial lighting control system, a company is in a much better position.  

1. Cost

Cost is the first question asked by most businesses looking for a Commercial Lighting Contractor. The quotes given are then used to determine if the cost is worth the value of the service. Instead of assuming that the service is out of reach, consult a technician for an actual quote. Commercial lighting control systems are much more affordable than you think. And the additional benefits added will more than make up for any concerns you have about the final product. 

2. Convenience

Convenience is the second concern once you deal with the cost of commercial lighting. Instead of a complicated system that has one point of control, commercial lighting control systems syncs them to several devices. That includes full access from a tablet, computer, smartphone or laptop. All of this is done without overcomplicating the cabling system with unnecessary wiring. For small companies, this is a game changer. And for large companies, this nullifies issues with ancient lighting control systems.

3. Better Lighting

Better lighting is a benefit all on its own. Once you get past the cost and convenience, you’re left with a superior lighting system. You can use as much or as little of the extra features it comes with. Better lighting is about flexibility. You have full control, and can automate the system to fit a specific day and night cycle. When that schedule has to be changed, you can do it without needing to call a professional for extra help. 

4. Eco-Friendly

A green business is a good business. And the eco-friendlier your company is, the less money it will waste. A commercial lighting control system promotes your company’s commitment to rising environmental concerns. Along with the great marketing, it also has the ability to reduce costs by up to fifty percent. If you utilize the benefits of the system early, it leads to greater annual numbers for the bottom line of your company. In other words, your business will reach its full potential faster than expected. 

5. Competition

Nearby businesses may already be taking advantage of a commercial lighting control system. You don’t want your business to stand out in a bad way with old technology. There is also a safety issue at play if you own part of a parking lot. Prepare for unhappy consumers when nearby businesses have up to date lighting but your old system fails. It’s free marketing, but for all the wrong reasons. To maintain a professional area, your lighting reliability should always reflect the quality of your company. 

Automate The Process

Make lighting an automated resource if you want to get the most out of your business. There are a ton of benefits you gain by going this route. With high customizability, your business will always stay in the spotlight.


Marc Wilson is the Guest Lifestyle Editor of Social Life Magazine, a 2013 Big Apple Award nominee and the Founder and Creative Director of MWD Lifestyles (formerly Marc Wilson Design) and Weddings by MWD Lifestyles. Marc’s company is a full scale wedding, event design, production and planning company with destination partnerships and capabilities and has grown to be the name in the decor and events, weddings and destination industry it is today. Marc’s fifteen years within the events industry has resulted in national and international recognition and, to date, MWD Lifestyles has worked with Rolex, Hugo Boss, Martha Stewart Weddings and MGM Metro Goldwyn Mayer. Marc’s work has been published in Grace Ormond Wedding Style, Design Bureau, New York Weddings, Manhattan, Essence, Weddings by Design, The Knot, Brides and Town&Country. Instagram@mwdlifestyles

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